Victimhood is a cloak I wear
To keep myself safe and hidden
Like a child cowering
In the shadows

Surely someone will come along to save me

My parents will definitely save me!`
That’s their job, right?
If they really loved me, they definitely would.


My lover then?

My work?

My guru?

My God?

Surely You have not forsaken me?

Never, child
We love you so much
So much that we will wait
For you
To save yourself

No one else
Not even me
Can do it for you
And you already know this

But still you wait
For someone to come
For something to change
Take all the time you need

When you are ready
You will stop waiting

When you are ready
You will come out of the corner

When you are ready
You will shed the cloak
Of victimhood

For it will be too heavy for you to bear

That is when you know it’s time

Til then, We will tell you this…

Open your eyes
And glimpse
Your true power

If you could
You would never again ask Me
Or anyone else
To do
What you
can do

Why would I rob you of the chance to receive the riches that wait for you
On the other side of the valley that is victimhood?

You think this valley is a desolate place
It is rich and lucious
Miraculous wonders await

They await not because they are in the future

They await for you to claim them right now

Your power is not someday
Your power is now

Leaving victim is not a process
It is a moment

It is a willingness

To give up what you know
And to see more clearly

Are you willing to give up
The security you receive from your waiting?

Can you let go of
The safety you feel from your hiding?

Do you now understand
The impotence that is created by your irresponsibility?

Are you ready to release
The love you receive from your helplessness?

Will you recognize
The righteousness you feel from your martyrdom?

Are you aware of
The protection you have found in your loneliness?

Can you see
The detachment you gain from your apathy?

For they are all lies

They are all illusions
But they have been so well-practiced
Handed down generation after generation
Life after life
That you don’t know it’s an illusion
It all seems so real
And while that is the case
Nothing else is possible

The truth is
You are already saved
You are already safe

Once upon a time
The illusion of victimhood served you well

But that was then
And this is now

Victim no longer resonates
Or captivates
You have grown weary of your own excuses
You see through your own complaints

Victimhood is the excuse
You no longer need
Or even want

It’s time to step forward

You have already been saved

More clearly

You only needed to understand

You never needed to be saved

This is your permission
This is your line in the sand
This is your rebirth

There’s no going back

We see who you are
We have always seen you

The difference is
Now you see it too

There’s no going back

Ok, yes, you’ll go back
And you will visit from time to time
But you will never live there again

The illusion
The spell
The fog

Has dissipated
It has been transmuted
Back to the All That Is

You are no longer shrouded
Or connected
to these concepts
That kept you
So still
So stagnant
So stuck
So sorry
For your self

You are now free
To see
Your own magnificence
And your power
And your possibility
And you will no longer
Be willing
To settle
For hiding
And waiting
And wishing
Any longer

And now
It is our turn
To wait
To see
What you
Will create

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