Start with going into the body to feel the place where that memory and emotion resides.

Really feel the weight of that moment or experience. Now visualize where that piece of your soul, or that memory Exists outside of you.

You could see a string of light, cord, or just an energy connecting you to that event outside of yourself. It may reside with another person, or it may be connected to a place, or anything else that comes up. Just see and feel where that piece of yourself is outside of you.

Visualize yourself taking it back. You’re taking back the power and the piece of your soul that you have given to somebody else. Really feel it being brought back to your body like a puzzle piece being added to the puzzle.

Feel the love the warmth and the power of that moment coming back to you. Every moment every memory and every emotion outside of you can be pulled back.

It is up to you to take your power back, it is up to you to retrieve the pieces of your soul that you have allowed to live outside of your body. Pull every one of those pieces back and cut the cords that linger to those people places or things.

I am a brilliant, magnificent being of light – I am brave, I am strong, and I am powerful. I AM.

– Candace Cruz

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