In this episode we talk about, what brought us together and what we want from this process in order to be the most authentic version of ourselves and live in alignment with our soul.

Dani: Hello ladies, how are we today?

Natalie: Very good and you?

Dani: Good, Good.

Candace: Doing good.

Candace: Yay.

Dani: Okay, let’s get started. Natalie, do you have a card for us?

Natalie: Okay, so today’s card is heart healing.

Natalie: So it says, my courageous journey of healing leads me along a path of self-love and empowerment. Initiates higher level of personal awakening within me and deepens my relationship with myself. With compassion for myself and a thoughtful attitude towards what hurt me, I’m ready to help heal any hurts to my heart. Keeping my heart healthy and open is a priority for me. Through the work of heart healing, I listen more deeply to my intuition feelings and instincts. I discover what I need to do to honor and care for my body, mind and spirit.

I become more attuned to my inner soul prompts in the course of healing my heart, I may even discover a new direction in life, guided by a new knowledge of myself; both the dark and light sides of me.

And it has an affirmation which says, my courageous healing journey brings me personal awakening and a deeper relationship with myself.

Candace: That’s a lovely card.

Natalie: It is.

Dani: I love that. I can just feel it when you were talking. It’s like, opening the heart and all of it was like, whoa. I love it. Such good stuff.

Candace: So, I can … I almost feel like that was more just a straight message. But I can also see how that plays into today’s topic, which is, bah, bah, bah; past life regression.

Dani: Ooh.

Candace: So I can see how taking what was said and applying it to past life regression would apply. But I guess we can kind of tap into that a little bit later.

So, I love past life regression. I love everything about it. I love it so much that I was certified in hypnosis, just for that.

I didn’t care about the rest of hypnosis, I just wanted to do past life regressions.

So, where do we start with that. I guess, maybe we start with what is past life regression? Past life regression is based upon the idea or the belief or just the truth that we live more than one life. So, our souls experience lifetimes … I’m going to say, repeatedly. We keep coming back and keep coming back and keep coming. So it’s the idea of reincarnation.

And with past life regression, you go into a hypnotic or a meditative state and regress back in time. So, basically how it work in an actual regression, is that you would start by regressing in this lifetime, go back to maybe when you were in the womb and then ask your subconscious or your spirit or your higher self, to take you back further.

It’s essentially accessing memories or; I’m not going to go down this whole rabbit hole, but or, time is not linear and you’re accessing it because it’s all happening at the same time. But, I digress.

You are accessing; we’ll call it the memories of lifetimes that you’ve lived before, so typically you would see a snippet of an important time in that life. I think that’s essentially what it is, and Natalie, because I know that in talking about what the topic was going to be; you said that you didn’t know a lot about it. From, coming from a perspective of not knowing a lot about it, does that explain it? Or is there more to answer about what it is?

Natalie: I think so. So when you’re … if you were doing the hypnosis then; so you just ask your voice to take you back and then it just happens? Like, could I just do that myself? Could I, right now, sit here and set that intention and regress?

Candace: Technically yes. There’s a number of ways that you can do it. You can have a facilitator who guides you, like a hypnotist or … I don’t know, just a regressionist. You can sit and do a guided meditation. So, you’re listening to someone, so it’s sort of the same thing with a facilitator but you’re just going back with meditation and listening to it, but taking yourself there.

I haven’t actually tried to just sit and access memories, but I’m sure you could if you were in meditative place. I’m sure that you could.

Natalie: And so, you’ve done that yourself? Have you past memories yourself?

Candace: Yes. Yes I have.

Natalie: And what have you seen? If you don’t mind sharing.

Candace: No, of course not. Okay, so I’ve done it multiple times. I’ve done it on my own, listening to YouTube videos, I’ve had facilitators lead me there. And for the most part, I would say that the experiences or the places that I’ve gone, have been relatively uneventful.

Mostly, when I’ve done it on my own; basically because if you have a facilitator taking you, it’s for a specific purpose. But, we’ll get into that a little bit more after.

So for me, I went back via a YouTube video one time and I could see myself as a soldier and I could see the clothes that I was wearing and the shoes that I was wearing, and I was standing along this rock wall. And I knew that I was a lookout because there was some type of war or conflict going on. So, I knew what the year was and because I knew what the year was and what I was wearing, I was actually able; once this was over, once the meditation was over, I actually went and looked it up and found the people … so it was Hittites, which I had never heard of before. And found out all this information and verified it by the clothing and stuff like that, that I was wearing in this meditation.

Candace: Okay, so, in the one that had probably the deepest meaning and impact for me is probably a little bit personal and graphic. But, I can say that it definitely shifted my perspective about my relationship with someone in my current life and allowed me to really release a lot of the resentment and anger that I was holding towards them, and didn’t really understand why.

I knew that things had happened in this life to build anger and resentment, but the level that I felt was not appropriate. Yeah, proportional.

Yeah, so do you guys have any experiences that you’d want to share?

Dani: I do actually, yeah. A couple things come up for me.

Historically, it was probably 10 years ago, my first experience. I was going to an energy healer and this was someone who had studied reiki, but then really channeled her own symbols, her own form of energy work. She was also deeply … she was just very in touch with the other side.

I would go in for “energy work”, and she would go over all my chakras and see where there were issues. And, let’s say, if it were the root chakra, she might … she would pull up whatever needed to be cleared and often times what would come up, would be in a past life. So, sometimes it would be my own childhood, other times it would be past life stuff.

At that time I was very closed off to any of my gifts or abilities in this area and I didn’t really understand even what she was doing. But, I would be laying on the table and she would go in, and if it were a particularly emotionally gripping experience, I would experience the emotion while she pulled up and cleared it. And she would verbally walk me through the life, but I couldn’t see the life for myself. I just … what I did feel was, I felt the truth in what she was saying and I felt whatever was there to feel from the life that was being cleared.

It was fascinating and I always looked at it as fascinating, but whenever we did it, there was always a very specific purpose. So, we would pull something up, always with that intention that there was something transformational about, something from then, that wanted to be healed, to facilitate my transformation now in this life.  

It was always fascinating and it was always deeply moving and then there was always the time for processing and things after and integrating the new. But, there are things I think that we take, lifetime after, lifetime after, lifetime and work on some of the same things and healing some of the same wounds. A lot of times when we can look back, we’re like, wow, that was so much worse of a version that we go through these several layers of, and now this time we’re really cleaning up a lot of stuff and going at even deeper levels. So the work just … that transformational work just spirals and I feel like, maybe past life regression is just a part of that and a part of really deep healing, to be able to go in and do that and then … So that’s historically.

And then, since I started doing this work, as far as exploring mediumship, exploring reaching out to the other side, talking to soul spirit guides, passed over loved ones, that kind of thing; I will get flashes of … like if I’m in a one-on-one with a client, sometimes I will get flashes of them in another life and will verbalize certain things. Just experiences that they’ve had and for me, what it is, is it’s a visual, it’s just a picture, and it might be even like a gif or something; even a video for a few seconds that also reveals a personality and a situation that’s happening. So it’s just like a keen insight into one moment. It’s not like a big thing. But it comes up when I’m in a place of being connected. 

It always brings some kind of little insight or, “Oh, this is an extra reason why you’re reluctant to move through this fear because of it’s been a pretty big thing and yeah, I can see why you’re afraid because serious shit has happened to you before when you did something like this.”

It’s honoring that and helping to heal it.

Candace: I love that and I love the analogy of the gif. I’m like, that’s perfect.

That is exactly what it’s like.

Natalie: (14:50) Okay. So Dani has actually read for me before and I know that … I think what you’ve seen happen to me Dani, I’ve been burnt at the stake, drowned-

Dani: Yeah, you’ve been burnt at the stake once, for sure. And then you’ve been drowned, actually more than once.

Natalie: How do you know you saw two gifs?

Dani: Yeah, actually it’s just like they flip through. So three or four different times.

Candace: Oh, wow.

Dani: And so, after one of them, there was this deep regret, like, “Oh, we thought she was a witch and it turns out she wasn’t and there we drowned her.” This big collective thing.

Natalie: Oh, yeah. They regretted it.

Karma. Karma’s going to come back and get you.

So yeah, and I have had that before, whenever I’ve worked with energy healers as well, where they’ve connected and when we’ve been working on something and dove deeper and deeper, it’s all kind of linked back to a past life and some saying it needs to be healed from there. But I’ve never seen any of that myself, I’ve never experienced it.

But, I did have this one session with somebody, where we were working on something that was going on with my family and I can’t remember the specific issue that it was, that we were dealing with, but the energy worker told me that there was a woman in my past. So, it wasn’t my life, it was somebody else’s life. And this woman was the wife of one of my ancestors and my ancestor had an affair with somebody else and the mistress bore a child, and the wife was incredibly angry. And apparently this rage that this wife had, has affected all future generations of the mistresses children. It was sort of like a curse. As cursy as we want to make life. We won’t go down that rabbit hole as to whether curses exist.

But, that was the theory, was that there was this curse that’d been placed on all generations of the mistresses children, which was like my children also. But anyway, but me … it affects me. I was cursed.

So the energy we collect really allowed me to go in. And she was like, “Let’s see what comes up for you.” I was just like, “What? What am I going to see.” But I closed my eyes and then all of a sudden, clear as day, I saw this woman in shackles in a dungeon. I can see her dress, I can see her hair; so much detail and she was just like, rage. She was screaming and so angry. We then went and did and try to calm her and heal her. So there were certain things that we did and eventually set her free and allowed her to forgive and allowed her to move on, and therefore lift the curse.

I don’t know who listening to this, will believe any of the curse stuff. But, you know, I felt it. I felt it and saw it. And if you’d said to me that that was what was going to happen in the session, I would’ve probably been, “All right love, yeah.”

That’s what happened and that’s what I saw. So I do believe that … so if I can see someone else’s past life vividly, I can see no reason why. But, there’s the question. Was that a past life? Or was that just her life? That’s the question. The difference there is, that was just someone a long time ago, I don’t know if that was … it wasn’t specific to multiple lives and how that impacts. That was just something that I visited from a long time ago.

Candace: But the way that you experienced that, is the exact same way that you experience a past life regression.

Natalie: Okay.

Candace: So, the same … the vision appeared in your head and you saw her in the dungeon, you could see her hair and make out what she was wearing and all of that. A regression would be a very, very similar scene in your head.

The regressionist or the YouTube video that you’re following or whatever it is, guides you in the same way that that energy healer had guided you with that. And images appear or scenes appear, or gifs appear.

For some people, they’re able to go really deep and still communicate. I know of … so one of my hypnosis instructors; he does ultra-depth, and the idea is that you go to the deepest level of your subconscious and he has recorded on video a regression session that he did with one of his clients. She was able to talk and communicate through the whole thing. She went back and was able to describe … it wasn’t just what she was wearing and who was in the room; she was describing the whole area, she was describing what life was like at that time, she was describing what the lessons were in that life, she was describing literally everything about her time and why that was having an impact on her current life. And they worked through and released some of those blocks.

But it was really amazing to watch, basically a real life example of what Brian Weiss talks about in his books. Brian Weiss is a doctor who many years ago, was doing traditional therapy with his clients and came to realize that this one client in particular; who he was working with on a regular basis, had actually started accessing a past life. And that’s when he shifted his focus and started focusing solely on past life regression.

But, he’s written books, multiple books, outlining his experiences with clients and so, I read those with such fascination. Just soaking up everything that he said and these stories and the idea that we can access this information. So then, when I saw this video that my instructor had, it was like … it was so amazing to me, because it was like the real life, live version of what I had read in Brian Weiss’ books. And it was just confirmation that you really can access a huge wealth of information from past lives, that can truly help heal your situations now. Your blocks, your fears; irrational fears that you don’t know where they come from.

For me, personally, I think the biggest thing that affects me in this life from past lives, was being punished for speaking my truth. So, I think that there was a lot of religious lives, that I’ve led, where I was punished for speaking out against what the norm was. So, that really affects me in this life, in wanting to speak my truth and put myself out there and step out from behind the podium, knowing that I was punished for doing it so many times before.

So, in healing the past; which I haven’t fully done yet, I’ve accessed the memories, but I haven’t had a facilitator go in and help me heal it, because that’s where I think a facilitator comes in. You know, if you do the YouTube videos on your own, you can go in and you can see the glimpses and you can get the memories; but I don’t know that 

there’s a lot of real healing that takes place, unless you have someone there to help you and guide you along the way, with the specifics of what you’re going through.

Natalie: So, how would you heal it?

If that’s your experience, where you were punished before; how do you heal that to let it go, so that it doesn’t affect you in this life? Because if it’s happened, like it’s happened; is it like a cord cutting thing where you detach from that life and that experience? Or how would heal it?

Candace: I think that there’s a certain amount of healing that comes just from the awareness and realizing that it doesn’t have to have an impact on you now. That has allowed me to heal partially. I think that probably most of the healing comes from having someone there to communicate with, in that moment. So in the same way that your energy healer helped you release and heal the emotion of that past situation, and Dani had an energy healer help clear those blocks … I think that that can be a good way to release it.

I personally, have not found a way to completely heal those past life traumas on my own.

Natalie: Hmm.

Candace: Not saying you can’t. I just don’t have the answer for how to do it.

Dani: Hmm. Well, and maybe you’re going a long way. And maybe you actually are healing the specific life that you’re talking about because I think for me and what I’m getting here is … and when I was working with my energy healer, is while you are in the space of having access to it; is the perfect time to cut the cord to make and set an intention, to declare that these ties, physical, emotional, spiritual, cellular, through all time and space are now cut. Any limitations that I’m experiencing now, in this lifetime that come from this experience, we’re releasing all of that and we’re moving into a time where we’re free from any of those bonds or that weight of it.

I’ll take all the learning and I incorporate it now, and then I think a lot of times we have several lives with the same thing. Several lives with similar experiences in things. I know that that’s the thing and I have not done it, Candace, so I don’t know; but what I’m getting just intuitively and from listening to you talk is that you have tremendously healed yourself. It’s just there’s so many layers and we just keep peeling them and I think it brings up another thing to it too; which is when is enough and when are we looking back versus looking ahead and letting things come up naturally to be healed.

And like you said, Candace, a good place to start is, where do I have a response that it is disproportional?

With what logically I know should be happening. What do I see as a trigger here and this is triggering something. And it feels like a trigger in real life, only I don’t really have an experience that would explain my rage or my sadness or my sense of betrayal or whatever that is.

And another thing that brings them up a lot, is having that big dream and really going forth to be who we came to be, and going on that journey as it pulls up the fear. So then you look at the fear and then you say; where’s the deepest part of this, how can we heal this in our mind and our body and our spirit and then it’s part of the journey to keep that going. That’s just my two cents.

Candace: Yeah, I think that that’s … I think that that makes a lot of sense. And I say … I said, that the healing hadn’t just taken place on its own, but it has. There have been times that it has. So maybe the difference is going to that place and it’s like a one time trauma and you’re in it, just like Dani’s saying. You’re in it and are able to let it go and heal it because it was that one time thing, but if it’s something that’s a recurring theme over, and over, and over again; by me just accessing that one life or those two lives or whatever, I haven’t even … I’m not even aware of all of the places that that needs to be.

Does that make sense?

Dani: Yeah, absolutely.

Natalie: Could it also be; is there a possibility that you’re not ready to heal at that level yet and that actually you’re supposed to go through it again on this life to an extent. Maybe we can’t control everything.

Candace: Say what?

What do you mean, can’t control everything?

Yeah, I think that that’s a very real possibility. For sure.

Dani: Well, I think that’s true, but I think the two work so beautifully together, right? Because it’s in real life when it comes up and when you’re feeling that and when you’re feeling the trigger and when you’re feeling that deep emotional response to something; that is the perfect time to heal, so it’s like those two both are really working perfectly together.

Candace: Yeah.

Yes. Working perfectly together and then … I mean … I’m trying to put this into logical words. But, if it’s a combination of both. So, what if the past life “Trauma”, was actually not that traumatizing, it was just that recurring theme and then you are needing to go through it in this lifetime and experience it, and the memory of those past lives are just a reminder that … like in my case …  

I’m not going to be murdered for speaking my truth. And so, that is something that I say to myself now because I have recollection of that past life. I’m like, “It’s okay Candace, you’re not going to get murdered for saying this. You can speak out.”

So, that’s almost like a melding of those two ideas that you guys just had.

Dani: Mm-hmm.

Yeah, I think so too. I think it works beautifully together and it is always all working for our good.

Candace: Yeah.

Dani: Always was.

Candace: Yes. I’m sure that you’re right.

I’m just thinking in terms of like, okay, thinking back to a past life. Hey, Natalie, you were drowned because they thought you were a witch, but it was for your good.

Dani: Well, you know what, Candace. Honestly, in the … okay, so, being … coming from more of a Christian perspective, that kind of stuff is harder to take. Believing in more of a reincarnation type approach makes it, actually, easier to take. It makes it make more sense to me, that it really is okay that that happened. Knowing that the big picture is what it is and that knowing it is one experience out of many, many, many experiences, and that we choose to have. Or that’s what I choose sort of believe, right?

So, again, we have our finite minds pointing at something infinite and trying to understand it, but however it works, at a certain point I think there’s a certain part of us that chooses these different experiences for reasons. And so, it makes more sense to me put in the context of reincarnation then it does; this is your one life.

Candace: Right.

Dani: And you’re going to have a childhood disease and pass over at age three or whatever that is. It makes it … it doesn’t take away tragedy, it makes it easier for, at least my mind, to conceptually grasp of, why would someone choose to have that experience. Well, if you knew you were going to have a thousand other, infinite other lifetimes, then you might do that for the other people, for yourself or whatever reason.

Candace: Yeah. No, I told … I mean, I absolutely agree with you and that is my belief also.

I’m just saying, from a …

… from another standpoint, it doesn’t always … it might not always feel good.

Dani: Of course, yeah. And I think just because we have a deeper understanding, doesn’t mean it makes tragedy or terrible things feel good; it makes us just go through that grief with a different set of … with a different way of looking at it, with a different perspective that can help us to integrate it and to heal it. But it doesn’t … people think if you understand it, then you don’t have to feel it. I think that’s total bullshit and the more you understand, the more I think you know to honor your feelings and the only way is to go through. You can’t really go around any of this shit, it will get you in the end. So just go through it. 

Candace: Absolutely. I know for myself and my own … in my own situation, realizing or coming to a place of believing, with my whole heart and soul, that we have more than one life and that there is life after death and the other side, and everything. I really, no longer have a fear of death, which I’m not sure if this is way off topic or not.

But that was like an added benefit for me. And not that I don’t live with care. I’m not reckless because of it, but it really eliminated any sort of fears or reservations about dying. I’m very happy to be here and I want to spend every moment I can with my friends and family and I love every minute of it and I wouldn’t want to cut it short, if given the choice.

But at the same time, it’s almost like looking forward to the day that I go back to the other side.

Dani: You can remember everything you forgot.

Candace: Yeah. And be everywhere at once. Be with everyone you love at once. I mean, I don’t know. Sorry, that was a little off.

Dani: Wow, to hear you talk about it, geez.

But I think there’s different levels of really believing it. Like, yeah, if we all actually believed that, we wouldn’t have fear of death. I’m not there.

I’m not as far along the path as you are. I mean, I say I believe it, but do I really believe it. If the rubber meets the road, I don’t know. Good for you though, damn.

Candace: Now I feel a little awkward.

All right. Good talk.

Okay. So, Natalie. Did you have anything to add? Or Dani?

I’m asking you specifically Natalie, because you’ve been a little quiet.

Natalie: It’s a topic I’m not totally familiar with and even what you’re saying about death and reincarnation and … it’s all like … to think that … I’ve just not spent a lot of time or energy contemplating. I like the idea.

I like the idea, I don’t if it’s just another one of those things that we’re clinging onto to try and comprehend something, like the life purpose conversation. If it’s just us trying to make sense of this bizarre existence that we have.

But, at the same time, I do kind of … if I think about it I know, I feel it to be true and that being … readings where I’ve had where I know that people are in my life because I know them from before. I have connections with people that aren’t rational or proportional or  whatever word you want to use. They’re not a normal relationship. I know sometimes, when you meet someone, that they are a soul sister or whatever words you can use. So, that’s the only way I can rationalize that situation. The connections that I have with people, who I shouldn’t feel as close to or as connected as I do; unless there was some sort of back story that my human brain can’t see.

Candace: Right.

Dani: Yeah, and we are definitely meaning making machines. So, we will definitely take something and make it mean something. But I think that’s okay as long as what we’re making things mean, serves us and isn’t a story that we’d be better off without.

I think, you can think about in terms of believing it or not believing it or having evidence one way or another. But I think you hit on the most important thing, Natalie, and that is, you know truth in your body. When you hear it, you just know it to be true.

There are some things you just hear and you’re just like, “I know that to be true. I don’t know how and I couldn’t really defend it or explain it. But I know that’s true, that just resonates, it feels like truth to me.”, and that’s one of the things I love. I don’t have to always understand everything so much, I just know what’s true for me with what I can feel. And again, you know that finite mind trying to understand all these infinite things. I think that may be the best we can hope for, is like; it feels true to me.

And it supports my growth and transformation. It supports my looking at things from a different perspective. It is actually helpful to me, rather than hindering to me and my own happiness and development and healing. At the end of the day, I think maybe that’s the most important thing.

Candace: Okay. So, I would say if anybody was interested in learning about past life regression; that Brian Weiss’s books are probably the number one place to get a feel for it. His books are really easy to read and they’re quick, short books.

Candace: Okay. Or if people wanted something a little bit more in depth, Michael Newton has some books. He has Life Between Lives and he has Journey of Souls. He’s got a few books. And that’s probably a little bit like … I already said, it’s a more in depth read.

Brian Weiss’s books are more entertainment value. You get to read about his case studies and clients that he’s had in the past and stuff.

If you’re wanting to try it at home, you can just Google past life regression meditation in YouTube and find something. I would say watch for any videos that have a lot of thumbs down or a whole bunch of bad comments and stick to the ones that seem to have relatively good reviews.

But yeah, it’s fun. And some of them are really quick, some of them are more in depth. But you can explore and experience it for yourself.

Did you guys have anything else to add, today?

Natalie: I don’t think so.

Dani: I don’t think so either.

Candace: So, for everybody listening, if you want to check us out, our website is You can get all of the past episodes there. We also have Conversations With Spirit, which is channeled messages that we’ve received. And Instagram and Facebook are both, @FollowingSoulspiration.

So go, like our stuff, like our pages, subscribe. Leave a review for us. Give us some love.

Dani: Perfect.

Candace: That’s it.

Natalie: Thank you.

Candace: All right.

Dani: Thank you.

Candace: Bye girls.

Dani: Bye.

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