In this episode we talk about the power of thought and how to become a vibrational match for all you desire. We also talk about how resistance can actually be good for you and if manifestation really can be as simple as following your own soulspiration.

Dani: Hi, ladies.

Natalie: Hi.

Candace: Hello?

Dani: How’s everybody doing?

Natalie: Very good. And you?

Candace: Doing good?

Dani: Good. Okay. I am a little off. I’m already coming out of it, but I thought why don’t we just take a couple of minutes at the beginning and get me the rest of the way out of my funk, so we can really have a high vibe conversation. And really get all the goodness that is here from really being in alignment.

If it’s okay with you guys, whatever I usually do when I’m just a little bit off, is the first thing I do is shake, which can be silly, but I just shake off. You guys have known this. You guys have done this with me, but I just shake off the energy from before. Ah.

It just helps me to come into the present moment. Shake off everything from the day and even from everything, so that I can just be in this present moment. Shake off everything that’s going to happen after this and has come before this. I’m just going to close my eyes for just a moment. I’m just going to breathe a little bit more deeply. I’m putting my feet on the ground. I’m getting really grounded and centered.

I’m starting to feel better already, and I’m just quietly setting an intention. I’m just narrating for everybody there. If you guys want to do it or … Just narrating, so we just aren’t in silence, but I’m just setting an intention that I just can contribute in the most loving and with the most wisdom and compassion and benefit for all concerned, especially us, which is why we do this is for our own evolution and growth. Then knowing that our authenticity in that pursuit will help others in the overflow of it. But that is not the primary thing, we’re have someone else in mind. We have ourselves in mind first and then go for that.

I know we’re going to talk about manifestation today, but you guys, if I can just for a really quick short second, I listened to a conversation yesterday and I sent it to both of you, but it’s 35 minutes. It’s fine if you didn’t listen to it, but it was a conversation between Matt Kahn and Kyle Cease who are two guys that I really happen to love. They’ve just become BFFs in the last year. They talk about each other every once in a while in their stuff.

They were both at the Hey House big convention or whatever that they just held, and so they were there together. And they were having dinner. They started a conversation. At one point, Kyle Cease looked over to Matt Kahn and he said, “I’m saying all of this is just for us.” They’re having this conversation and I feel transformation for me in that moment and for my life. They’re giving rules. They’re saying how they’re working through things and different things that’s really profound. They’re just having this wonderful conversation.

Then Kyle’s like, “This is all just for me. This most selfish thing; I’m doing this all for me.” I really just thought of us and what we’re doing. It made me smile so much. It’s just such great confirmation. It just feels good to do it that way. You guys want to say anything about that? Or is that just enough?

Candace: No, I think … that that’s how it’s easiest to learn also. If you are receiving information that someone has learned and they’ve mastered and they’ve memorized, you certainly get something from that. But I feel like there is a much bigger opportunity for growth when you can hear it actually happening for another person.

When you hear someone have an “ah-ha” or you hear someone just finally get something, you feel the energy of it and the power of it. As selfish as you might be able to look at it, I think it’s also a gift.

Dani: Yeah. I love that.

Candace: And in exactly the same way that they were talking. I wasn’t able to watch the whole thing. I didn’t have time to get all the way through; I got about halfway through. I didn’t get to the part where they actually said that, but it was a good conversation from what I saw.

Dani: Yeah. It was awesome. It was also these two guys that are very connected to source, connected to their own authenticity and their own journey and evolution and doing it for themselves, kind of by themselves. Then when they’re talking about it also, the power of the two of them coming together and lifting each other back and forth, which is again what I feel we do so much for each other; is just lift each other. It just stair steps until we all get it through osmosis or through whatever. If one of us is going through it and experiencing it together, then we all get the revelation. We all get the message. We all get it together and just pull each other higher, which I just love about us.

I felt it was confirmation from the universe that’s just this sign of how beautifully everything flows together. It really spoke to me.

Natalie: Awesome.

Dani: Love it. Okay. Awesome. We’re going to talk about manifestation today. We don’t have an outline or a map-out or anything. We’re just going to start a conversation. Let’s see where it goes. Maybe we’ll start with …

Candace, you did bring up that one of the first books that you read, or the first book that you read on manifestation. Maybe we just start there and see where it goes. How about that?

Candace: Okay. Okay. The first book that I read about manifestation was by Florence Scovel Shinn. She actually wrote a few books about the power of thought, the power of intention, manifestation. The book that I have actually combines all four of those into one. I don’t know which one in particular I’m pulling information from or even if I’m remembering it accurately because this is years and years ago that I read it.

It was my first introduction to, not necessarily the power of thought because I already read a lot of Wayne Dyer’s stuff and Louise Hay and all of that, but it was the first introduction to the idea of manifesting with ease, manifesting material things in your life with ease. In addition to … Probably the most important part was being aware of and in control of your thoughts, but the other part was to just simply act as if you have it already. You set the intention and act as if it’s already there. The first time that I brought that up to my spouse, I was like, “I’m just going to buy this thing because the money will show up.” I got a cold hard, dead stare. Like, “You want to spend how much because the money’s just going to show up?” I was like, “But if I have faith, it’ll happen.”

Dani: And now the question everybody’s asking is “Did it?”

Candace: I wasn’t allowed. I couldn’t do it. Not with big stuff anyway, which is where I was going. If I was going to do it, why not go big?

Dani: Go big or go home, baby. Her basic thing is with ease, is setting an intention and then acting “as if?” Is that pretty much what you remember her speaking to you?

Candace: Yeah. That’s basically the gist of it. There is a big focus on your thoughts and ensuring that your thoughts are coming from a place of abundance and not lack or limitation. Then, yes, realizing what it is that you want, wherever it’s a new dining room set or whatever. Then purchasing it and waiting for that money to just flow in to take care of that.

Dani: Yeah. That’s cool. How do you feel like it worked for you? Do you feel like you started working it and haven’t stopped? Or you stop and start or?

Candace: I don’t think that I trusted in it enough. After that initial “I was all in and I was all gung-ho.” I’m like, “I’m going to do it.” Then I was told, “Are you stupid? Money just doesn’t manifest like that.” I was like, “Oh.”

I allowed that to taint my view on it. As we all know, belief is everything. I can’t say that I’ve ever fully tried to implement her strategy in just “buy it and act as if you’ve got the money already, and it’ll all solve itself.” Because I feel that’s one end of the extreme, right? With manifestation? All you have to do is think it, and it’ll show up. All you have to do is believe, and it’ll show up, which maybe it can. The universe does amazing things. The power of thought is insane, but I feel like there has to be a certain level of action behind it, a certain level of being realistic.

Because I feel that’s one end of the extreme, right? With manifestation? All you have to do is think it, and it’ll show up. All you have to do is believe, and it’ll show up, which maybe it can. The universe does amazing things. The power of thought is insane, but I feel like there has to be a certain level of action behind it, a certain level of being realistic.

Dani: Those might be two different things. Right? The action and then being realistic. I think sometimes being realistic is one of those things that if I were really realistic, I would just keep creating what I already have created again and again and again. Too much realism isn’t really good for us. Like you just said, “Belief is everything.” It really is about what you can let yourself believe and that next logical step. Yeah. I love that.

But I do believe the action is part of the journey, of course, for most people, but I think in our regular everyday lives, we tend to think of action is the entire story; beginning, middle and end. It’s just not. Putting it into a healthier perspective of “inspired action,” [crosstalk 00:13:22]

Candace: Right, and taking steps. Each step brings you closer.

Dani: Yeah. Yeah. What about you, Natalie?

Natalie: The first book I read on manifestation was “The Secret.” There was two things I saw  did at a similar time, which was one was “The Secret” and one was Maru … I’m never going to say surname ’cause I will completely butcher it. Iabichela? Her program Infinite Receiving. Both of those are based on, to an extent, manifestation. It’s not all that. It really is probably more power of thought stuff actually.

I’ve told Dani this story before, but I can remember reading “The Secret.” I did at the time, not to manifest anything physical, but it was when I was struggling with mental health issues. It was to really just change my mindset and rather and get out of that funk of “everything’s bad” to trying to see the positives in situations.

That’s why I started investing in my thought, but in reading this book, it goes through this – I don’t know what the word is – experiment where you sit and you … The example it gives is like, “Imagine having a new car.” I sat there and did exactly what it said. It’s like, “Sit in that car. Put your hands on the steering wheel and just see how it feels. What can you smell? What can you feel? What do you see?” It’s really very, very focused on the feeling part of it. It’s … to get in, what they would call … “a vibrational match” to that being reality. Within a couple of months, I was gifted a new car. I wasn’t looking for a car.

But I did that, and I got a new car. I was like, “Wow. Okay, so that” … Whether it worked or not. Maybe I was just going to get that car regardless of whether I did that, but that was my first like, “Whoa. That’s weird.”

Again, it changed my mindset into seeing, not controlling the “how,” so I could’ve seen a new car, be me walking into a showroom and buying that car over there. But instead it was someone going, “Here. I’d really love you to have this car.” I’m going, “Thank you.”

Again, it’s like “the” not controlling the “how,” and not getting stuck on it, being like, “That specific make and model. That specific situation of how it would come about.” Yeah. To me, that’s a lot of it. It’s kind of setting the intention.

Then also the other thing with that was I wasn’t attached to it because I didn’t want the car. There was no desperation. There was no grasping. There was no “needing” ’cause all of that I think pulls down the energy. It was literally just purely “This sounds fun. Let’s give it a go. Okay.”

Then it got delivered ’cause I didn’t attach myself to it. I think that’s a tricky one because you have to believe. Therefore, there’s a certain level of attachment there, but at the same time, it can’t be in a needy way. If that makes sense. I just don’t feel I explained that very coherently.

Dani: I think you explained it beautifully. I am right there with you. That could be perhaps … One of the tricky parts for me, too, is that … And before we get into where we all get stuck in it. I’m trying to think the first time I heard of law of attraction, it probably was with “The Secret,” the movie. Then I bought the book, which didn’t really help, but I watched the movie on repeat. But then my mindset …

What I didn’t realize is that I just had so much of a foundational mindset and belief very much in survival mode for a very long time. The belief part it is always hard because it immediately kicks in. I think, Candace, what you were saying … You’re like, “Oh, my gosh,” and you’re so excited. Then someone says, “What are you? An idiot. That’s not going to happen. We’re not going to do that.”

I think that can happen from someone else saying it to you. Or it can happen in your our brain: “Are you kidding? You aren’t going to do that. That’s for other people.” You know that, whatever that is. I think a lot of times we do it to ourselves so much. I think I just went into it not really quite believing, but thinking wow, wouldn’t that really be cool if it were really true. I’ve always had this back and forth relationship and a stop and go, but probably “The Secret.”

Then I started listening to YouTube videos of Esther Hicks and Abraham. To this day, that’s probably one of my most constant things, but I have to tell you, I have stacks of books. I have several programs, courses, online programs, methodologies that I have tried and use for manifestation. They’ve all actually worked when I’m working them, but it’s so funny because I still am this back and forth. Something wonderful will happen.

I’ll be really in flow. For example, I was working this one specific program. With this program, it’s really about being a vibrational match for what you want. It’s a lot of what you were talking about, Candace. The whole, just imagining that it’s so, and telling yourself: “This is just how it is now. This is how my life is now. This person that I am now. I am the person that this happens naturally for and easily for,” and stepping into that. I was doing that, and I manifested through …

I could go through every little bitty detail that let me know that this was clearly a manifestation and not a chance, but I did win raffle. I won a 50/50 raffle at a Royals game that was thousands of dollars, and I did it on purpose and totally manifested. I was with Spirit the whole time. Even when the person came up, and I was going to buy my tickets, Spirit said, “You only need one ticket.” And I bought three instead, or two or three. It was the first number that was actually the winner, all these details. I knew I manifested it. I knew I was going to manifest it, and I knew I did.

… After having an experience like that, you’d think I would never question it again. I would do it all the time. I would know that there’s so much magic in the world and that anything it possible, and I had always visualized me just standing there with the big check. And I was actually standing there with the big check for their … put on their little promotional materials. All of it.

I really thought when I did it, I thought my life is going to be magic from here on forward ’cause now I know this works. It has been in a lot of ways, but in a lot of ways, it’s still the ups and downs and challenges of life, but that’s funny, but that’s a little bit of my thing with manifestation. I don’t know what else is coming up for you guys?

Natalie: The other thing with the vibrational match thing is the thing that I got out of Maru’s program, which is my favorite thing. I’ve not actually so much put it to mediation, but just in terms of a good practice and thought, which is the whole pedestals’ concept. Maru teaches that you shouldn’t put people or things on pedestals because in doing so, you’re literally pushing them further away for you. I love that concept.

I had a huge “ah-ha” when I went through the program with her the first time because at the time, it was for me to do with children. For me, I had unconsciously/subconsciously been putting your typical kids on a pedestal. Therefore, pushing that reality with my own daughter further and further away by seeing people with their kids and thinking, that’s the way it should be. That’s how families should look because I had that subconscious thought going on. I was creating more unhappiness in my life. As soon as I saw that, I’m putting your typical kids back down on the ground with my family. My whole level of happiness was just 10 times greater because it wasn’t trying to attain this thing that’s not there. It’s just here. I feel like you could put that with anything.

People who want that dream house, you’re putting that dream house on that pedestal. You’re pushing yourself further and further away from it by having different things and different concepts putting them up as something better than you. Thinking that you aren’t worthy of that. Or you can’t attain that. The more you believe that, it’s not going to happen.

Dani: I love that. I love it. There’s a lot of emphasis in a few of the programs that I’ve done really around being that vibrational match. One thing that helped me in this regard is the idea that it has to feel like the next logical step because that’s the step that your brain will take. It has to feel like the next logical step.

I love that because it just brings in that believability. It doesn’t mean you can’t manifest huge things. It means what’s believable for you and if you believe it’s your next logical step, then it’s possible. If you don’t, then it’s not. Right? Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, either way you’re right, which brings us back to what Candace said at the top, which is “Belief is everything.”

I love that. I think it either has to be one of a couple of things where that works and that is, it’s the next logical step. Or it’s like you with the car. That wasn’t the next logical step, but you had no resistance because you didn’t want it that badly. There’s no desperation or clinginess. I think that’s why some people can manifest a feather, an owl, “give me a sign, give me one of these things” because they look at it as easy, and so it comes right away. When they could do the same thing with a new house or whatever, if they would believe it could be that easy. But if they don’t believe it, then it you know.

There’s no faking vibration, right? We can train our thought. We can say the right thing. We can even force ourself into certain feelings or something sometimes, but there’s no faking vibration. You just are where you are, and you have the dominant vibration. That’s where it is.

Natalie: It’s funny because I’m exactly in that situation right now where I’m wanting something to happen, but every time I try and make it happen, something’s coming up in the way to stop it from happening. I’m using my faith. I’m using my belief. I’m like, “I know this is going to happen,” so I’ve taken small inspired, action steps.

I’ve booked certain tickets for this trip, but I have no idea how I’m getting there. I have no idea who’s looking after my kids. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I’m like, “Bought my tickets. Okay. Next thing.”

But every single time, something comes up. I know it’s because of the belief thing. It’s an underlying belief that, “Do I deserve this?” Or an underlying belief that, “Can I?” I feel I have a belief that I can’t do this ’cause I have too much responsibility. Everything’s coming up to hit me in ass and go, “No. No. No.”

It’s like I’ve got the choice. I either get rid of this limiting belief that I can’t have these things. Then I know it will come. That’s why I bought the tickets because I’m working my ass off on this belief. Or I succumb to it and I lose my opportunity to go. It’s just getting into that brain space where you truly believe.

Dani: Yes.

Natalie: Which I think I do, like I obviously don’t because this resistance is not good.

Dani: You’re doing it anyway, which is really beautiful and keeping going. And keeping, you know [crosstalk 00:26:25]

Natalie: ‘Cause I see it. Yeah. I know it’s me in my own way, so if I stop, then it’s never going to happen. I’ve got to just keep push and push, push, which they say, “Don’t push,” but when you know it’s something coming up to heal, like it’s that. It’s like I can either ignore this. Or it’s coming up for me to actually deal with. It feels like push because it’s me trying to shift it, but maybe I’m not ready.

Candace: It reminds me of my dream the other day. I had a dream that felt very much like a lucid dream. I felt I was in control, and I was being shown how to manifest and use the law of attraction for anything, for material things, for health, for wealth. This whole dream was just about raising your vibration. It’s a little bit different than the way you were describing it, Natalie, with being in the car and imagining it and the steering wheel.

In my dream, it might be hard if people aren’t used to feeling energy, but for an empath, I think any empath would understand this. Feeling what health feels like. Or feeling what a Lamborghini feels like. What does that feel like? Then almost just imagining that your own energy is that. Then merging together.

I woke up from this dream. I was on cloud nine because in my waking moments fresh out of the dream, I could just do it. I could just, “Oh, okay. What does this feel like? What does health feel like,” and then match my energy to that. I instantly had more energy. I was like, “This is fucking amazing.”

Then fast-forward eight hours and I’ve already forgotten about the dream. I’ve forgotten about health. I’ve forgotten about everything else. I’m just living in the day-to-day.

Knowing that we were talking about manifestation today, I was thinking about that again today. I was like, “How could I have forgotten it?” In the same day, it’s already gone, out the window. I was trying to do it again and match my energy to that. I could, but the original morning when I was trying to do it, fear and resistance and doubt were just gone. Probably because I was fresh out of that dream, and I was on a high. I was like, “It can be this easy. Yes. I’m going to manifest the shit out of my life.”

Then today, there’s a lot more second guessing, I guess. That it can’t be that easy. How could it be that easy to just raise your vibration to whatever the thing is and then you can have it? It seems so out to lunch. That’s where the fear and the resistance and the doubt come in, for me right now anyway.

But knowing I was able to do it fresh out of the dream, tells me it’s possible. In my dream, it was like you just let it go. I was like, “But how? How do you just let it go?” And it was like you just don’t have it.

I literally just let it go. It was like the first time in my life that I had ever … Because you always try. “I’m going to try and let go of the resistance. I’m going to try and be in flow. I’m going to try and add ease.”

Dani: That just sounded hilarious. “I’m going to try to have ease.”

Candace: But it’s true, right? That’s the feeling behind it.

Dani: Yeah.

Candace: You try and manipulate this and that, so that things can be easier. “I need my day to be structured like this so I’ll have ease.” It’s all trying. It’s all work. It’s all effort towards it.

I don’t know how to bottle the energy of that morning and just live and be without fear, doubt, resistance, but I know it’s possible. I’m going to be adding that to my daily trying.

But seriously, adding it to something that I actually give attention to, to just … When fear and resistance and doubt starts to come up, just putting my hands up.

It seems so silly to say that because we’ve all lived our lives, and it hasn’t been that easy. Just like you’re saying, Natalie, the idea. I’m sure that you would just want to like slap me right now. I’m like, “Just raise your hands and it’s all you know. There’s no fear or resistance anymore.”

Natalie: The thing is though, I’m doing that. I’m doing exactly that. I’m just like, “Let it go.” I’m like, “Okay. Fine.” When I say, “I’m going to get my [inaudible 00:32:10].” I’m like, “Okay. Fine. Release. You feel this? Okay. Release. Let that go wherever and just wait for the next thing.” But it just coming back ’round and coming back ’round every time I let it go. It just keeps coming back, but yeah.

Dani: I think, you guys, so much of it – I know for me and I really feel – is this practiced way of being. The fact that we have – what? – 60, 80,000 thoughts a day. And … to turn the tide on that and to have it be a match, it has to be our most practiced vibration, right? Even giving it a couple of minutes a day to start.

Candace, I really believe this is why I do a lot of my work, I do a lot of my journaling, I do a lot of my manifestation work, I do channeling, everything, after meditation; in the morning after meditation. Because there has to be … You can’t go from this negative dire situation where you’ve got all this momentum built and immediately go to “What does abundance feel like? What does health feel like?”

But you can go to the next thing and then the next thing and then the next thing. Or you can start out, morning, where you don’t have a bunch of momentum going already. Then you have your meditation where you’re pretty high vibe, and then go into it from there, but not at three in the afternoon, after the dog is barking and the child needs picked up and life is happening, nothing’s for dinner and somebody just bumped your car or something. Then it’s a little late. Then it’s a little unrealistic to think oh, I’m going to take my two minutes and just experience perfect health right now. You know, good luck with that. But, but I really do think starting in the morning, even if we keep it for that; keep in the general vicinity. Even if we practice it for two minutes, three minutes, four minutes, and we’re in that general vicinity, the first hour of our day, we have that to build on. We can let ourselves off the hook a little bit, knowing that we’ve spent our whole lives practicing this other way, which is just the automatic and letting the momentum of what naturally occurs to us get fully spinning, fully spinning out, just doesn’t do a whole lot of good to try to catch it after it’s already five months down the road.

Or as Abraham puts it, “If you’re on a hill in San Francisco and that car is coming down a very steep incline, and you want to jump in front of it at the bottom and say, ‘Oh, stop.’ You’re not going to have very good luck. You’re going to get smashed, but if you start while it’s just at the top, wavering and can go either way, then that’s where your power is to do something different or let go of resistance or practice those couple of minutes.”

Candace: That’s perfect. A perfect analogy.

Dani: Yeah. I just need to do that.

Candace: It’s great in theory. It’s hard to practice on the day-to-day. I know that I probably shouldn’t say that: it’s hard. But that’s how it feels. It feels hard to completely shift a lifetime of thinking. And even, I think all three of us, we’ve done a lot of work on positive thinking and intention and stuff like that, and it still doesn’t come naturally.

Dani: Yeah. It’s funny. It comes more naturally, but there still is the back and forth, the back and forth. I do … Some things are more habitual for me now. I think that eventually we get to that tipping point. You can think of something in your life that used to be hard, and now it comes easy for you.

You just get to that tipping point where you’ve practiced it enough where then you don’t have to stop the thought, recognize it, feel your way through, turn it around. Right? You’ve done that so much with a particular thought or group of thoughts, that now it’s just your natural way where you say, “Oh, I’m just thinking about that differently, and I didn’t even realize it.” But it does take so much work and consistency and just awareness and willingness to do it again and again and again. This is where …

I’ve always been one of these people who I’m great when the inspiration hits. I have a ton of natural enthusiasm. I’m all in, and I will go for the adventure. I will do it, and I will do the whatever that is, but consistency has never been my strong point. I am not. It just isn’t. Some people it is, but with me, it isn’t, but I just have to take that and I do a hell of a lot more of it when I’m enthused. Then when I’m not, I wallow a little longer. That’s just part of my personality and how I’m built. That’s how I do it, but I have to work with that.

Sometimes I feel like when I am high vibe and when I am really getting messages and feeling in tune and all of that, I really milk it.

Candace: For sure. For sure. That creates questions for me that I’ll probably save for another day, but just about what we were talking about previously about cycles and stuff, knowing when you’re in a natural cycle. Or is there a certain element of burnout? Do you know what I mean? Because I’m the same way. I’m wondering for myself. It’s all or nothing.

I’m enthusiastic. I’m all in. I’m gung-ho. I go hard all day long. Then nothing. Like I said, I’m just wondering for myself, if it’s a matter of finding more balance so the highs and lows aren’t so high? Or if it’s just simply that’s my rhythm, that’s my cycle. I’m 90 miles an hour. I’m two miles an hour. I’m 90 miles an … That might be a discussion for another day.

Dani: No. I think it’s a perfect discussion now. Natalie, do you have anything?

Natalie: Just that I’m so there with you. I’m an all in or all out kind of person. It’s like … I don’t have the answer to it, but I’m right there with you.

I was thinking the exact same thing when you were talking, Dani. I was going to say, “It’s back to that cycle thing.” It feels like me in that cycle. You don’t beat yourself up when you’re at the bottom the cycle because you’re not connected or you’re not working. You’re not doing those things because you just need to recognize that’s where you are and allow yourself to come back through because the more that you resist this part of the cycle, the longer this part of the cycle is going to last.

Perhaps having that awareness, and not beating yourself up when you’re two miles an hour will allow you to come back up to 90 miles an hour quicker each time. It doesn’t mean you don’t get there, but it just means you come out of it quicker. [crosstalk 00:40:00] Or you don’t get out of it quicker, and you need that time to be able to do the 90 mile an hour thing.

Dani: I love that so much. And I believe that … there’s a lot of truth in that. You know how we have this thing that everything that we say to someone else is something we need to hear? As a coach, I totally, totally get this. It comes up for me all the time.

I was in a session with a guy this week. Here’s what Spirit gave me. He’s also a coach. What Spirit gave me is that one of the things that he does (this is for all of us) is he helps people with the roller coaster. He doesn’t help people smooth out the ride on the roller coaster. What he helps is with people who go up and down, up and down, up and down, stop putting the brakes on when they’re going down. Go down. Embrace it. Say, “I’m detoxing. I’m not feeling well. I’m going to bed. I’m not going to push it all. I’m giving into it. I’m giving my body everything it needs.” Go all into it. Go all into the down.

What we do is, we put on the brakes as we’re going down, and it slows that momentum. It slows everything down. Then we get to the bottom and we’ve got no momentum to go up the hill. Then we’re stuck at the bottom and like Natalie said, “Every once in a while, you’re just going to need to be stuck at the bottom because there’s something down there you need to stay around long enough to understand or heal or to whatever.”

But most of the time, I really feel if we will stop putting on the brakes through the whole thing, then that down momentum actually carries us almost to the next peak. Then the next week is where we have that effort, that thinking on purpose, really tuning in, really working with our thoughts. Part of our action journey is only just right up there. It is right up there in that moment of getting to that next little peak, which is a little higher. Then letting ourselves go down and up and down and up. I love that so much.

It’s like let the tears flow. When the tears come up, you let them flow. When you feel sick and tired, go to bed. And when you feel angry, have a temper tantrum. Just get in.  Lean in. Right? And Cheryl [Sandburg 00:42:41] or whatever said, “Lean into it, knowing that that momentum can carry you through and back up.”

Candace: I like that. It’s a totally different perspective than the mainstream of what you hear.

Dani: It is, right? I was listening to Abraham the other day. They have this analogy. They were talking about people who get a lot of money and have a lot of wealth and then lose it. Then they’ll get it again. Right? They were asking about “Why does someone have to lose everything? Why do they have to go all the way to the bottom? What can’t they stop themselves?”

Here’s another take on it. Why don’t they stop themselves in the middle while that momentum gets going? Once you start losing, you are in worry and fear and expectation that the losing stuff will continue. You have a whole lot of money, and then you start to really lose it. Then you sell that second home. Then you sell the boat. And then you sell the sports car, whatever. You get in this thing where you’re losing. You’re giving up and going down. Then your momentum starts to build and everything around it. Then you have to go all the way to the bottom.

But they know with people who’ve already made, let’s say, over a million dollars or whatever, their second million comes so much faster. It’s not like they’re starting over. Even if they lost it all, they’re still starting at almost that because they’re bound to go that and above because once you have that knowledge that you can do that, nothing can take that away.

Natalie: Yeah. You’re more of the vibrational match because you know it’s possible rather than it seeming impossible. You’re there and you know that you’re just going to get back. Yeah. You can believe it. You can believe that.

Dani: Yeah. Yeah. What do you guys do when you get stuck? Or when you feel things now that you’re describing, having some resistance come up and you’re looking at it? Could you talk about that a little bit more? ‘Cause I think this is so helpful. ‘Cause I think with so many things, it gets a little tough. Then we think oh, this isn’t working. Or oh, this wasn’t supposed to happen or whatever. Then we just give up with it, but I really would like to spend a little time on what do we do when it seems hard or whatever, so that we can keep it going?

Natalie: Yeah. When it is one thing, after thing, after thing was coming up for this thing that I wanted to happen, my friend was like, “Go and write 50 things, 50 reasons why you’re resistant to it.” She was like, “Don’t stop until you’ve hit 50. Then if you’ve got more than 50, just keep going,” till I get it out. I did that, which showed me the reasons why. Rather, than it just being, “I want this.” It got out all the sequential stuff that was going on to do with that anyway. I think that just shines a light.

When you have the awareness, you can then work on that awareness and be like, “Is this true? Yes or no?” Then if it’s not true, get rid of all those ones. Score that one out. Then if it is true, then it’s like, “That’s something to work on and to be healed.” I think it depends on what it is, as to how you go about doing that.

Right now, the things that came up for me are the things that hourly are coming up show me. So every time, every belief that I had, hourly I’m getting a reminder that that is the case, which is why I know that it’s my own shit.

Sometimes I think you’re too close, so I feel like for this, I probably have some energy work and try and help somebody get this level cleared on a “higher me” level.

Also, to the same extent, I don’t know. I’m hoping I’m going to shift it in the time scale I’ve got. If not, I’m good. Again, I’m not grasping and trying, trying, trying to make it happen. I’m not letting it go. I’m like, “This is what I want. I’m taking action as if it is going to happen.” When these things keep coming to get me, I’m just like, “All right. I’m just going to work on this, work on this.” I’m trusting that by the time it gets to it, that the right thing’s going to come up, and I’m going to be able to go, but it’s just having faith, taking small steps, taking the steps that you can take to prove to yourself and the universe that you do want it.

‘Cause that’s what I always say, “That resisting something is either to come up to be healed,” which in this case it is. Or also to test you and be like, “Do you really want this? Do you really deserve this. Can you really own this.”

I know that’s where it’s coming from, so if I stop and give up so that I’m not pushing against everything and I’m allowing, in this case, I feel like if I stop and give up, then it’s sending the message to the universe that I don’t really want this. Keep giving me the things. Keep showing me what it is that I need to heal so that I can heal it and then I will.

It’s just shine light on what is really the issue. What is really the belief that’s underlying because it’s absolutely possible for me to do what I want to do. Or whether the universe is just kicking my ass.

Dani: Kicking your ass until you get there energetically, right? Because we can’t just be there in our mind and think we’re ready. We have to energetically be ready for it, right? That can be so frustrating. I know for me, it is frustrating as hell to think oh, I don’t have it ’cause I’m not ready for it yet. That is so … it’s very limiting. It’s very like, “Uh.” There’s shame and guilt.

Natalie: Yeah. I agree with that, but then also to the same extent, I have the intention. I know I’m working on it, but … the place I’m at is if it doesn’t happen, I’m literally just grateful for the lesson. If I don’t make it there, I’m like, “That’s fine,” because I know that all of this has happened to shine a light on this. If this trip that I’m trying to get, it’s not going to happen because I need to work on it. This trip has come to force me into facing this issue, so I can. Then something different is going to come up that’s going to allow me to do it without any of this crap.

It might be literally that just this is the lesson, and I’m not going to manifest this exact situation, but guess what? It could be something even better that’s going to come because I’ve worked on this now.

It’s, again, not controlling the “how or what” it looks like. Me dealing with this limiting belief is going to allow me to get something even better, if not this amazing thing that I’m looking to do.

Dani: I love that so much. I think you’re just a poster child for manifestation with what you’re saying. Seriously. Seriously. I think part of my admiration is all my stories of lack of limitation and survival and everything is that that mindset … You’re like the unicorn. That’s how I want my mindset to be.

Sometimes it feels perfectly natural and normal. Other times it feels like it’s on the other side of the moon, but that’s part of being human. Just even like we’ve been talking about. Sometimes you can manifest that “What does perfect health feel like?” or “What does financial security feel like?”

Sometimes you’re just on the other side of it and can’t quite get there, but I love everything that you said so much. I feel there are some people who, naturally and through the work, both … I think that some people are natural manifestors for a lot of different reasons, but it’s doing the work and all of that.

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