Do you ever feel like life is dragging you around, and you are left reacting and resisting feeling unsatisfied? In today’s episode, we are talking about walking dogs as an analogy for how we are BEING in life and how our state of being pretty much dictates everything else.

Dani: Hi Ladies.

Natalie: Hello. How are you?

Dani: Good, good. How are you?

Natalie: Very well, thank you.

Dani: I’m better now that I see you guys.

Dani: So what we’re going to talk about today is. Well, we’ll let, we’ll let the topic kind of develop as it goes because we don’t really have, we don’t really have one yet, but what happened is I’ll kind of walk through, but first let’s do our card and then it’s going to be like this is it.

Natalie: We’re on form girls, we’re on form.

Dani: Just let it record. Who Cares? We don’t need to edit this and Natalie let’s see what card you have for us today.

Natalie: Okay, so today the card that we received, is “Notice the signs”

Candace: That is funny!

Natalie: We were just talking before we came on about some stupid hairdresser stuff and how I thought it was designed to get hair cut and then I realized the card that came through – notice the signs, but also I think it does really fit in with what you are sharing today. Dani, is going to share a story. Anyway, so it, the card says notice the signs. Yes, the signs you’ve been receiving, are heaven sent, we drop feathers, coins, and other signs upon your path to remind you that are loved and never alone, and this is the Doreen Virtue Angels Deck, which is why it’s talking in that way. It says the Angels give you this card to help you understand the science you’ve been receiving lately. These signs may include feathers, coins, butterflies, birds, or other repetitive visions that make you think of the angels who have deliberately sent you these signs to let you know that they’re nearby, protecting, loving, and guiding you. Um, it says, additional meanings are your departed loved ones are in heaven saying hello, I love you. Notice and believe in the repetitive signs that you receive as validation that you’re on the right path and follow the signs that you are guiding to your heart’s desire.

Dani: Okay, so it could not be more perfect. Of course Natalie’s card pulls always are. So here’s the story that I shared and then we thought, oh, let’s do that on a podcast. I’m just going to share it with everybody. So I was in my car at the park as I often do and I had my journal open and I was ready to do some free writing. And at this park there’s kind of a, there’s a paved track that goes maybe half a mile around the park and then there’s a bunch of fields and a playground and everything at the park. So I’m sitting in my car facing the park and I’m getting ready to do free writing. And I was asking spirit. So is it really better when I come with a question to ask you or is the best question I can ask: What’s mine to know or what’s mine to do now? Because we know that we, I want to be spirit led. I want to always be guided by spirit. So that’s one of the things. And anyway, Spirit was telling me I could do it either way. But then before I started writing I was just looking out my window and, and as I was going through this, the woman, there was a woman who pulled up next to me and got out of the car with her little dog. And shes got this little dog, you know, on a, on a halter. No, not on a, not a collar anything but on one of halters right. So, and this little dog is this kind of, this woman has this idea in her mind that she kind of wants to walk around the track and so she starts around the track and the dog heads for the middle of the field and she kind of lets the dog tug. She’s kinda like slowly, begrudgingly like following this dog to the middle of the field. Right. The dog finds something really smelly and decides to roll around in it. And the woman just kinda standing there, you know, kind of put out with her shoulders, hunched down, just like this dog, you know, just like, okay, you know, letting it and after a while of this she had kind of had enough. And she was kind of trying to lead the dog back to the car. She’s like pulling on this dog’s collar, right. Just jerking on this little dog. But you know, she could overpower this little dog, but she wasn’t really, she was just enough, just enough to really like give herself a fight just to like really tell herself she was really, you know, kind of working with the dog or whatever. She didn’t want to just pick, pick up the dog, which was an option or just drag the dog, like I don’t care if you want to come or not. We’re going, I decided we’re going home, you know, so she’s in this back and forth tugging with this dog. Finally gets the dog back into the car. Right. And so funny because I’m just sitting there giggling like how often do I do this in my life? Right. And then at once I got a flash in my mind, and this is a lot of times how spirit communicates with me is flashes in the mind and just knowing this inside. So I get an image or a little video in my mind and I was reminded of a regular woman that I do see at the park quite often. And this woman is just.. she walks these four great big dogs. Okay, big dogs and they, they’re the kind of dogs that look like wolves and then one of them is different, like more of a German shepherd or something, but that’s kind of the size they are and she has these four leashes and the leashes like she just walks around the park with ease and grace with these four dogs and her images flashed in my mind and I just saw her and I’m like, look at these two women having these completely different experiences. You know, this woman with the four dogs, I swear to you guys, her leashes never get tangled. Like I can just imagine if I was doing that right of the one dog, it’d be running off at all times and the leashes are detangled and I’d be standing there trying to and one had have to go to the bathroom or one wouldn’t or whatever. But this woman just walks around with ease and grace. When it’s time to stop, she decides to stop. They do their thing, she does what she needs to do and then they walk off, you know? And it was the contrast and everything and spirit. And I’m just sitting there in the car just like giggling, like, okay, this is it right here. When I was journaling with Spirit, I’m like, okay, this is it. Because what hit me first was that both of these women.

Dani: So there’s a lot of stuff that’s the same. It’s women with dogs, right? And I looked at that as I’m both of these women and then the dogs are whatever seems to be kind of coming up at the moment, you know, whatever’s going on at the moment. But I was like, in this environment at the park, there’s always distractions for dogs especially, right? They can smell everything. They can see everything. So they’re going to be distracted by certain smells or by a squirrel or by whatever. The park is insane. The terrain is the same environment, the same. What was really different was how these two women are being, how they’re being, their energy, the way they are being with the dogs. So the dogs know, hey, follow this leader, follow around the track, let’s do this. We know what we know what to do and they’re following. The other dogs are like she doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing. I’m just, I’m better lead the way. I’m going to go ahead and decide what we’re doing today and if I can pull on this leash and get what I want, then I’m going to. And I was just like, I am so…. I’m both of these women at different times, but the really the productive one really especially was the woman who’s chasing around the little dog and I was like, how many times? This is such a great analogy for life. How many times do I run around and chase follow that little dog that I have within my power. I could scoop it up, I could do whatever I wanted with that dog, but I’m instead of just following around this little dog and how many times am I the woman? And then it started me thinking and then I shared that and then other people were like, oh, this is what I got out of it and everything. I thought, oh, it’ll be fun. Just to talk about that analogy for kind of a basis and see what it brings up for all of us. So anybody want to jump in?

Candace: Yeah, well, I mean I heard you tell that story and it had a huge impact on me. Huge impact. Um, I realized very quickly into your story that I was and had been for many months now the woman chasing the little dog and I was living my life from a place of reactivity and because… Okay, so the analogy itself to me represented, living from a place of mind versus living from a place of inspiration and like you said, Spirit lead. And so I had been trying to think my way through how to make this dog do what I wanted instead of coming at it with the calm, intentional energy that the lady with the four dogs did. And so, I mean I came and I messaged you and I ended up having like a total emotional release where I was uncontrollably sobbing and not because I’m a sad or frustrated or angry or anything like that. It was just a complete emotional release. When I realized that I didn’t have to be chasing the little dog. All I had to do was change my energy and I could be the woman with the four dogs and because I’ve been living in such a place of chaos for many months now, the relief of knowing that I could just choose to come at it differently. And there’s that saying by Wayne Dyer, when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. And I got that and I would say it to myself and like intellectually like I was like, okay, that makes perfect sense. And of course if I, if I change my thoughts, then at the things that I’m seeing will change. But it just took it to a whole other level where I really felt it and realize that it’s not necessarily changing your thoughts, changing your energy and your way of being. As you’re approaching life or situations. And as they come up. As they come up, you can choose, which sounds so simple, but you can choose to be led by the little dog. Or you can choose to have that. You know, Cesar Milan, calm, assertive energy and, and um, come from a place of inspiration because it’s all about, it’s all about being centered and connected, you know, whatever your, whatever your vision of that is, whether it’s religion or spirituality or whatever that is, when you’re in the place of balanced, centered, calm energy, life just unfolds for you. And I had never really got it the way that I did. When you put it in that analogy, I was like, oh my God, the park is always the same. The freaking park is always the same! My energy and then these things that have been driving me crazy don’t have to drive me crazy. I just changed my energy and the park is beautiful again. So that was my, that was my take on it all and my Aha moments.

Dani: I love it. I love it. And you just totally nailed it. I mean, that’s exactly what it is. It’s being and it’s the energy that we’re bringing. It’s the focus. What about you, Natalie?

Natalie: So I hadn’t heard you tell that story, but I had had Candace message you after she had this story, having her breakthrough. and I was like oh my God, I need to hear that story and I just haven’t got round to be watching it. And then when you were going to talk about it as like, I’m not going to watch the video because I want to hear you say it live. But what’s funny to me is so kind of just, you just said like that quote. Sorry. Could you just say again that Wayne Dyer quote..

Candace: When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at, change change.

Natalie: Yeah. So like you said that that day and I heard you say it then, and then you just said it now and it hit me chills all over my body. I got tears and then I was just like, oh, like, and I feel like this is all like I know that this is for everyone, but today I just feel like this message is like, so something I need to hear because I, it’s like you said you’ve heard that quote before but it didn’t, it didn’t hit you. And it’s so funny how that can happen. You can hear a story, you can have an experience, but depending on where you are and what you’re going through, it can, he can hit you or it can just go straight over your head. So last time you said it didn’t quite go of my head, but I didn’t hit me like that. So, um, I totally agree. And the other funny thing is, you know, all the words you’re using was like um, be centered and hold those things. And hilariously, today I had somebody inquire about essential oils and they wanted one called be centered. Do you have one? Like, so it was just so funny when you used those words. I was just like, okay, thank you. Notice the signs.

Natalie: Um, so yeah, so it’s so funny. But what’s my point? So I mean my brain goes to so many different things. Listening to that story. So part of me goes yeah, but maybe she just has a problem dog.

Dani: Hahaha!

Natalie: And then I laugh at that thought! Which I think weirdly says the brain space I’m in, which is all right now I’m the same as where Candace was which is when I’ve been dealing quite a lot, health and work and family and all the things have been going on and I have so been trying to the “think” my way out of this and I’ve even said to people like, people like tune in, I’m like, I can’t feel like it I can’t feel. There’s not even like space. Like when I think about that right now, it literally feels like I have a blockage between my head and my heart. Like it won’t even let me go down into my heart to feel because my brain is so clinging onto. find your way out, find a way out. Like fix that thing. So you know, logically, find the solutions to all the things. So it’s so funny. So well, what I would say is. I totally agree with your analogy of it and I think I can almost change, but I think like, I don’t know. I think you have to be ready to be able to change your. To change that energy. So when you’re saying Candace, she just changed her energy. I don’t think it’s always like that easy. Even with the best will in the world, I’d love to just say, right, right now my energy has changed and everything will be okay, but I don’t think it will be! hahaha!

Dani: Well, one of the things, one of the things here is that, you know, there are certain things we can do and we can talk about that to shift or whatever, but the number one thing is accepting where you are. And um, you guys know, I trained with Martha Beck as a life coach. Martha has another, um, branch of coaches that do equine training and they work with horses, right? And so sharing this maybe in the video too, but um, you know, a horse will either follow you or it won’t and it’s all about how you’re being. It doesn’t mean you can change how you’re being in this instant.

Natalie: Yeah, okay.

Dani: And sometimes you can and sometimes you can’t. And it’s more about a process of I’m kind of being there for an instant. Recognizing when you’re there and then kind of stringing those instance together and then way down the road it becomes your natural way of being over your conditioned way of being. Right? So we’re on this continuum right now, you’re just trying to interrupt that pattern a little bit, but before you could interrupt the pattern you have to accept, but before we get to that, there’s so much juicy stuff about what you said that I really want to go into a couple things quickly.

Candace: Before you do can I just jump in? Is that okay? Or. will you lose your train of thought.

Dani: Nope. I made a couple notes.

Candace: Okay. So for me, I have always approached it the same way that you’re kind of describing it now like, yes, that sounds wonderful to just change my energy, but how can I do that? Um, and for the first time ever that story allowed me to just do it in the moment, just do it. So I think part of it is, is it the right moment? And then the other part is, you know, maybe it’s a slow process, maybe three months from now you’ll have that moment or I mean, I don’t want to say not three months from now, three days from now, but it was the analogy itself. So I was envisioning it and it was powerful for me. I was envisioning myself chasing the little dog and being so pissed off that that’s where I was being so angry and so fed up that that’s not who I want it to be anymore. I could cry right now just thinking about how mad I was at myself for allowing myself to chase the dog. I’m like, how fucking stupid is that? I could pick the dog up, I could change my energy and it all goes away. Do you know what I mean? Because then the park is beautiful again, so it was my anger and my frustration in that moment that I don’t want to do that anymore and so nothing about my day changed. Nothing about my schedule changed. Nothing about anything in my life changed, but I said I don’t give a shit. I have all of these things to do today and if they don’t get done, I don’t give a shit so and so needs this from me and if I don’t get to it, I don’t care because whether I can get to it or not is is the way it’s going to play out. It is. I can’t change that, but what I can change is the anxiety and the pressure and the stress getting there, so I don’t know if that helps at all. I mean, like I said, it very well could be that, you know, I was just so the pissed off it myself.

Natalie: Or I have a problem dog? haha!

Dani: No, you know that you have a story that you have a problem dog

Candace: Yes thank you

Dani: Because it just brings us so beautifully into. So what do we do as human beings and Natalie, you demonstrate it perfectly. We justify why we’re stuck. We justify why we’re feeling the way. How could I feel any other way? These are my circumstances and you guys know, I don’t know if it’s ringing bells for you, but it’s ringing bells for me. Conversations we have had where I’ve done this exact thing. Oh, but I am worried about this, and of course I am, because look at this situation. I’m justified to worry because this, this and this. See where my energy is. And the thing is, it’s not, oh, shift your energy and shifted and it’s all easy. What it is is it’s the acceptance first of where you are, but even I just want to drag right into it, but I. There are a couple things I want notice the justification we’re always fortifying, so it’s like, do you want change or do you want. It’s the same thing. Would you rather be right or would you rather be happy when we justify we just, we want to be right, but yeah, I this way and it’s very real for me and these are all the reasons why it’s very real for me and can’t you see why it’s real for me because you want some more reasons because I have some more reasons over here and they’re very good reasons vary. I’m telling you, they’re very good reasons and so we’re just solidifying. We’re fighting for our limitation because it’s comfortable because it’s what we know because it’s where we are right now and there’s nothing wrong with it. If we can accept it instead of fighting against because what we do instead is then we say, we’ll find our really more spiritually involved. I just be able to rise above it and so I shouldn’t be having these problems at all and then we beat ourselves up for being where we are. No, it’s like, I see this frustration. Look how I’m being an. I accept it. I have an awareness of it. First of all, I’m not just going through all the motions and keep going through the emotions, emotions. It’s just having an awareness. I’ll look how stuck I am. Oh look how I’m justifying it. Oh, look how I’m chasing that little dog. I see that now, you know, that’s, that’s where I am. Wow. That’s really interesting. And not judging it and beating ourselves up and then, you know, saying, well, why am I not, you know, I want to be the woman with the four dogs. There’s just something wrong with me and I have a problem dog or whatever our things are. The other thing is in transformation, I always used to think of these really enlightened people. Like, well, yeah, well I can’t go out to the mountain top for eight years and you know, do all this. I have to live in real life. So I’m not going to reach alignment or I’m not gonna have awakening or whatever, and life was just hitting me over the head with the fact that what ever we need for our growth, whatever we need for enlightenment, whatever we need for the next step is always in front of us and we know that it’s right in front of us because it’s always perfect and it’s always the next thing for our growth. It’s all always. It can’t be otherwise. It can’t be any other way. Anything that’s coming to you right now is the perfect thing right now. And I want to get back to the mountain top because I actually didn’t make my point, but the mountain thing is, is that um, what was my point? Oh, is I would always think of these really enlightened beings. Like they talk about how they’re being and not how they’re doing, right? They talk about being overdoing and I’m like, well, they don’t get anything done. Maybe they sit on the mountain top and write a book for everybody else, but they aren’t getting anything done. No. Both of these women, imagine the productivity of both of these women with their energy through the day. Who Do you think’s getting more shit done? It’s the woman with the four dogs and who do you think’s going to bed at night? Like, Ooh, alright, cool. Okay, I got all that shit done. Now it’s time to go to bed. Feeling good. The other woman’s like frazzled, upset, disappointed. She didn’t get more done. Making herself along and mad and more frustrated looking at her to do list for the next day thinking, well, that’s a lot like today’s to do list because I didn’t get the shit done because I was running around in circles and beating my head against the wall. The thing that finally get to more and more is that how you’re being dictates everything else that dictates your productivity. It dictates what kind of things you you are inspired to do that day. What kind of what you think is possible for that day dictates all of it so it’s not being or doing. It’s yeah, do, but that’s not your focus. Your focus isn’t waking up like what am I going to do today? It’s how am I going to be and then how am I going to be and then the doing falls in is such a natural consequence in that productivity or that whatever, but it’s the being first and if we don’t do that first, then screw it. Then we’d rather you know, be where we are and do what we’re doing and just accept that like, wow, I wonder why I’ve chosen this for my life right now. This is really interesting and stop beating ourselves up and I think even that can we can even get to a place where it’s like, look how miserable I am, look how much growth is his happened? Look how much growth is unfolding here because I’m really ready to make a change. I’m really ready to. I’m really going through it now. I’m really pulling energetically going through all this stuff so it’s gonna feel so light on the other side. Once I’ve worked through it all and get to that point where we know it’s all for us. It’s all for us. Any thoughts you guys?

Candace: No, I mean I think that that sums it, that sums it up. I think a lot of the transformational, like knowing this is for me and stuff like that, like feels almost out of reach, like when you’re in that space of, of chasing the dog, like that’s almost out of reach, which I think is probably why I went to the place of anger and frustration. Like I am not going to be that person anymore. And it was like, you know, determination rather than, oh, I’ll just accept it. But like that was my form of acceptance. Do you know what I mean? I see, I see that this is what’s in front of me and I accept it, but I came at it from I don’t care because I can’t change it. If I can’t change it, then why should I care and make myself anxious and stressed out.

Dani: Yeah, I love it. Okay. So one more final little thing to this. So one of the things spirit was telling me with this whole thing was whatever you need for your growth is right in front of you. Right? And so that’s true for all of us and the other thing. Okay, before we, let’s do, let’s at least do a little bit about if we do want to change overtime, what we, you know, you guys, I feel like I’m like, I’m just a horror for meditation. I’m like, no, really meditate. Everybody just meditate. Like I’m always… I don’t usually try to convince people of anything. I let people be where they are at whatever. But Meditation is one of the best ways and I’m always preaching it because it’s changed my life and it continues to because you know, I meditate and then I don’t meditate for a while and then I meditate a few minutes at a time and then whatever, but meditation because we have to have some space around it and a little bit of awareness and a willingness not to judge and beat up on ourselves. So it’s like that, a little bit of space for awareness and for acceptance and surrender in the moment and

Candace: Being intentional.

Dani: Yes. Yes. Um, I believe we have to be really intentional in the more intentional that we are, the more kind of power that we really have when we’re saying this is how, this is my intention, this is the way I want it to go. And um, we could do, let’s do a whole podcast on intentions because I use them. I use intentions all the time for different things in different ways. But anyway, let’s do that another time. So here’s another thing, spirits was telling me everything you need is right in front of you at the moment. So I get notes from the universe. Do either of you guys get those emails from Mike Dooley?

Candace: No.

Dani: Okay. It’s called notes from the universe. They’re sent a lot of my friends get them to their scent like Monday through Friday.

Dani: It’s just a note from like a little note from God that, um, that Mike Dooley, this guy sends. Anyway, so this one came a few days ago and I’m just going to briefly tell you this story. Mike Dooley sent a note from the universe. I got it. I thought, oh, that’s a good one. I’ll remember. I’ll remember that and it’s usually just a few sentences to a couple of paragraphs, whatever. That’s a really good one. Then about a day later, someone I was, um, a friend of mine had printed out the same one and he said, Oh, do you, did you see this? Do you get these? And he’s reading it is like, this is a really good one. And I’m like, I saw that and I thought how great it was. And yes, it’s a, it’s a really good one. I’ll. Yeah. And um, I love getting those things. Yeah, whatever. Then my girlfriend emailed it to me like, I don’t get it already, which is what I was saying in my mind. I’m like, I don’t get this already. Right. She emails it to me and another friend saying, hey, you guys, did you get this? This is really powerful for me. No, I’m not even done. Then two days later she emails both of us again. I’m like, really? This note, right? And she’s saying what she’s getting because she actually is doing it. The note is giving an awareness and saying, hey, try this. And it still hadn’t like clicked in my mind I was supposed to be trying it. Right. So she says, you guys, this has been really powerful and this is what I’m seeing when I try this. And I’m like, holy crap, I just in my journal and just in preparing to write for today, I’m like, that is always giving us the next thing. God is always giving us the next thing. I walk out of the room, I read my email from her saying this is what’s happening when I’m doing this. I’m like how many times do I need to see it before I’m like, oh, I should be doing that. So without further ado, just in case this is there for anyone else to do, I’m going to read it really quickly. Okay, Dani today don’t think or say, I’m tired, I’m hurt, I’m angry. Don’t even think or say I’m happy. Instead thinking say I’ve chosen to be tired, hurt, angry, or better. Better still choosing to be happy. You don’t get it. You don’t get hit by feelings. You feel them based on your perceptions and you perceive based on your beliefs. And you believe as you choose, you are your words from the universe. So it’s a little bit harsh. It’s a little bit harsh for someone who’s stuck, but there’s so much beauty in it. If you can say those things without still judging yourself. I’m choosing this. That’s an interesting choice. Let’s just be open to see why I’m doing that. Be Open to see what comes up. Don’t know. Is there anything for you guys there

Natalie: I saw a meme the other day that was like something like the difference between a flower and a weed is judgment and that kind of reminds me of that because it’s all about your labeling of a situation whether you make it positive or negative. It’s not so much touching on the choice aspect, but it’s still an intriguing thought. You know, when you think about that to be like, you know, what judgment am I making about this situation?

Candace: Right? Which lady am I in the park? The park is still the same. Which lady am I going to be? They’re having the exact same experience, but obviously experiencing it very differently. I think that that tied in wonderfully.

Dani: Yeah, of course. Because we followed the signs. If you don’t have anything else, I think we’re done for today.

All: Okay, bye guys. Love you.

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