In today’s episode we talked about how emotions can get trapped in your body and how that can potentially lead to illness and physical manifestations We also touch on some exercises to help you release and move through the emotion. We hope you enjoy the episode!

Some resources and reading related to the energy body:

Anatomy Of The Spirit by Caroline Myss

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay

Heal Your Body by Louise Hay

Areekeera(tm) Vibration: Healing Yourself from Within by Julie Lewin

Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality by Donna Eden


Candace: Hello girls.

Natalie: Hello

Candace: How are you today?

Dani: Great, how about you?

Candace: Doing good! So today we are going to talk about how trapped emotions or feelings, emotions, traumas, experiences that we hold onto and how that can manifest in our body. And then sharing some tips about how we can release that so that we don’t end up with physical manifestations in our body of disease, illness, injury, stuff like that. So before we get started, Natalie did you have a card?

Natalie: I do. So for you we have the protection card and it says “Call back your power. Cut the cords. Soul retrieval.” It says you are being called to protect your energy and call back your power, may all the lost pieces return home now. Take a look at who and what drains your energy, do not keep your tabs open. Shut down energetically each night. Energetic cords are being formed between people, places, objects and events, so it’s important to keep checking in. Your energy and energetic space are sacred, so treat them as such. Keeping your energy clear takes work. As we go through life, we can give away our power, so it’s important to call it back by cutting energetic cords or doing a form of healing known as soul retrieval. Can you think of a traumatic event, relationship or soul memory that you being called that you are being called to call back your power from to into your body now and see what chakra feels like it needs a bit of an energetic clean up.

Candace: Well then… I don’t think that’s the right card…. That’s awesome.

Candace: Okay. So when I know that, like for myself and for Natalie and Dani for you also, when you’re doing, when you’re working with energy and you’re tapping into other people’s energy, you can get a sense of where there is a blockage, where there is a heaviness, where there is just sort of an imbalance. And the way that, the way that I see those things kind of coming about and, and what creates them is the fact that we have emotional, I’ll say, emotional moments in our lives, whether that is trauma or stress or anxiety, fear, anger, like those, those moments where there’s a relatively strong emotion and we don’t process it. So I know in a past episode and I’m not sure which one it was exactly, we were talking about going into the body and feeling the feelings and then that’s how they kind of move through you. And when we don’t do that, a lot of times it can kind of get stuck. So for someone who maybe has an overbearing mother and doesn’t speak their truth a lot, they don’t say what they’re thinking. They’re afraid to speak out. They’re afraid to go against what that parental role said to them. They might develop something in their throat.

Candace: Natalie just raised her hand, Dani just raised hers too… I might as well throw mine up. But that can, that can turn into physical things related to your throat. So that can be, you know, your vocal chords that can be coughing, that can be a thyroid issue. There’s a lot of things that can come in to play because of the emotional stuff that you’re not dealing with. Um, and that, that applies to every area in your body. So there are quite a few people who have different ideas about what exactly relates to each body part. But I would say that the top people are probably Louise Hay, so she’s got several books that explain which energy center, which type of emotion, which type of situation in life relates to which area of your body. So you know, for example, like your lower back is a lot of stability and support. Feeling supported. So neck and shoulder pain can be like carrying on another person’s weight when you are tense and tight, It can be like taking responsibility for other people’s things. Um, a lot of problems with the heart and lungs have to do with love, whether that’s self love or showing love, receiving love. I think a lot of times headaches and migraines can be related to, um, trapped, trapped energy or um, I don’t know how I wanna word this, but keeping yourself contained. So whether that’s with your thoughts, with your energy, with your spirituality, when you are keeping yourself restricted, a lot of times you can end up with headaches. So those are some examples. Um, do you guys have anything to add in at this point?

Natalie: Yes. So when, um, so yeah, I’m just thinking about that and, and, and how you hold energy within your body and I’ve seen that. So doing Reiki you can feel that. So when you were explaining a few, you know, when you go through this session you can, you know, people might have blockages and you can feel that. And so I think some people, if you haven’t had Reiki before, if you don’t practice energy healing, then you, it might be difficult for those people to understand what we mean by that. So when we, so for example, if I was performing Reiki on somebody, how I know where there is a blockage sometimes that might be in color. So I would just see, see black, which then as I performed the reiki would then clear to, to the appropriate color or I would feel like a denseness.

Natalie: And I also can feel the energy like shooting out of my hands. Which is so difficult [to explain or understand], you know, people think I’m nuts, but literally shooting out my hands so that, because that’s obviously an area that’s really needing attention. So it’s just really to validate what you’re saying, where you know, it’s not just like some theory that someone says like, as somebody who practices like you could feel it, that that happens, that we are holding stuff that needs to be shifted. And so then the next kind of question that I had, which I don’t know if you’re able to answer, but, um, is obviously you know, there’s that, the way you’re holding it in your body. But the other thing that we have obviously is our chakras, which is supposed to be balanced and aligned. So what, you know, they oversee me in different things. Like what’s your understanding of Chakras, why we have them and what they are… and go!

Candace: Well, with that small little question… my thoughts about the chakra system are, number one, we are primarily made up of energy. So I don’t know enough about this to give a full explanation. But in quantum physics, it’s believed that we are more energy than we are physical. So despite being dense beings and physical in this, in this life, that we’re actually more made up of energy. And I think that the chakra system is just one system, one energy system that we have in our body, I think that there’s different systems and different ways that energy moves in our body. So I kind of see the chakra system as the engine and it’s where we pull the energy from the earth and we pull the energy from the universe, the heavens, whatever, from above. And it’s what keeps everything kind of moving in that I don’t know what, I don’t know what that shape is…

Natalie: Upward and outward

Candace: Yes upward and outward and then back down and up and around. So it’s constantly pulling from above, constantly pulling from below. And I feel like those are the, the engines that make that work, to keep that constant connection to all things going.

Dani: Yeah. And I would just say just to further support, that I’m reading this book right now on Ayurvedic medicine. I think that’s how you say it, but anyway, and you know, it’s been a thing in eastern medicine for a very long time. They understand… their doctors incorporate the physical, the emotional, the energetic, with all those physical material things. So they have seen this for many, many years. And it’s just like quantum physics, it’s like they’ve known this, there’s so much wisdom out there. And then science comes along and says, Oh, you know what? You’re right. And we just proved it. You know, we’re 99 point nine, nine, nine, nine, nine percent empty space or pure energy. We just perceive ourselves as the solid. It seems solid and dense, but that’s at the end of the day, that’s our perception. So yeah, this is pretty widely regarded stuff. Although I know to some people that, you know, it sounds freakier, sounds whatever, right? But I think but, but when you do start to experience it for yourself, you start to have sensations yourself and start to recognize some of these things and you kind of connect the dots, because I think like anything true learning and true transformation is really experiential. So maybe we can point to these things and then someone can hear about Reiki or hear about something and just explore, watch a video on youtube, do whatever to kind of start to get to where they can feel that energy. Because I know I walked through most of my life without feeling any kind of energy and not even knowing what that was, but I was just kind of walking around as a kind of little thinking head without all that other integration going on. So just for people in whatever kind of level of acceptance or knowledge they have, they can find something here.

Candace: So two things like, number one, knowing and learning from this, you don’t need to be able to feel energy. It’s a matter of being in tune with your emotions and being able to work through those and release things as they come up. Allow them to take place rather than holding on to whatever it was, the sadness, the anger, the frustration, because then that builds on itself. And then there’s a whole other part of quantum physics for that. I think we should do an episode on quantum physics. Anyway. So, um, for anybody that wants to learn how to feel energy, though, I would say the very first thing that someone can do is you take your hands and you put them really close together where they’re almost touching. And then you start to pull them apart and put them back together and you keep getting farther and farther apart

Candace: and then come back closer together and see if you can feel. It’s almost like what magnet’s feel like and you know, as you start to do that and you kind of put them back and forth like you were like pulling taffy or something like that. And as you start to do that, you know, you can go farther and farther and farther and farther the more you practice. And for me, like when I pull my hands far apart, I don’t necessarily feel the magnetic pull anymore, but I do feel like the energy and the heat in my hands. So it can have different sensations. But I would say that that’s the first step to really feeling energy.

Dani: Love that .

Candace: For anybody that’s interested… So there are a million ways that energy can get trapped and manifest in the body. There’s, um, there’s a lot of people who believe that all disease and illness manifests first from, from an energetic standpoint and emotions. And I think what we’ll do is link a few resources and books and people on the website for this episode rather than going through a lot of it right now. So if, if you’re interested, check out the episode and on our website and we’ll have some links there, but I would say more important than knowing how it can manifest or why it manifests is kind of what can you do to let go, what can you do to release, what can you do to let that energy move through you before it manifests as something. So, I mean there’s any number of things. And actually on another episode we were talking about a lot of ways to find peace and a lot of these ideas for what to do to let go of trapped emotion, or trapped energy is, is the same. So, yoga, exercise, thai chi, getting outside meditation, Mantras, energy healing, Reiki, acupuncture, acupuncture has been huge for me. Being aware of what you’re eating and putting into your body, crying, getting out in nature. Journaling. Having a spiritual teacher or mentor, intentional time set aside each day for self love and self acceptance. Shaking it out. EFT, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, so I’m just like kind of going through the list and then we can kind of go into a little more depth about some of the things that we haven’t already talked about on other episodes. And then I think the, the biggest piece today after having seen the card that Natalie read at the beginning is taking your power back and they referred to it as cord cutting. And I used to do that also. I used to do, um, cord cutting. So for anybody that doesn’t know cord cutting is imagining an energetic cord between you and another person or another experience. And

Candace: I mean seeing it cut, cutting it yourself, cutting it with scissors, cutting with a knife, having angels cut it for you, having your guides cut it for you, whatever that is. And I used to do that all the time and I’ve kind of changed my ideas about that so I’ll share that also So it’s um, the cord cutting, taking your power back. And what was the other part in the card?

Natalie: Soul retrieval.

Candace: Soul retrieval… I don’t know if I know about it. So enough about soul retrieval to, um, talk about it, although I think maybe. Okay. So previously we had posted on our website and exercise about taking your power back and in thinking about this right in this moment, I think without knowing a tremendous amount about soul retrieval, I think that those might be a similar sort of exercise.

Candace: so taking your power back in, in life, in relationships, in just in life in general, we have all of these experiences and if they are emotionally charged, there is a great possibility that we are going to create an energetic connection with that person or that experience. And many times we leave our power with that person, that experience, in order to kind of take that back. Number one is, setting an intention. You know, I won’t allow that person to have control over me to have power over me. I won’t allow that experience to control or dictate what I think or feel, and it’s setting the intention and having the awareness that that’s what you’d like to do. Um, and then I think the second piece of that is taking some deep breaths and going into a little bit of a meditative state.

Candace: I mean, it doesn’t have to be a full on hour long meditation, but just getting yourself into that quiet, peaceful state and imagining. And that’s all it takes is imagination. It doesn’t have to be, um, it doesn’t have to be anything… Profound. Yeah. It doesn’t have to be profound. You just need to use your imagination to imagine yourself and then imagine the other person, the experience, whatever it is, and seeing that energetic connection between you and then imagining yourself taking that. I mean, when I think of taking my power back, I see it as almost like a ball of energy. You can see it however you want. It’s your imagination. You can do whatever you want with it, but just imagining yourself, like taking it physically, taking it and bringing it back to yourself.

Candace: In some cases it may actually be that you need to remove it from yourself and give it back to the other person. Um, so that’s kind of where my cord cutting technique took a turn in that I was reading, I was reading a book about medical intuition and she was saying that her belief is when you cut the cord, you both still have it attached, right? Like you still have part of them, they still have part of you. The power doesn’t necessarily come back to you because you just cut, cut it in the middle. And so if you either give back to them or take back to you and then close that off and heal it with, with just energy, pink energy, white energy, love allow that space to heal and close up that it kind of is a more final separation than just cutting the cord and leaving it halfway in between. Um, yeah. So do you guys have any….

Natalie: I’ve heard two things of that. So I know you’ve explained that story to me before. How like the cutting cords you know, you, you both end up with… if the cord is made up, part of your energy and part of their there energy, The way that I imagined that in my brain is like an intertwined cord where one part of it is your energy in one part is there energy, and it’s made this great big rope. So if you cut it then they end up with the energy, this half of the roof and you end up with that. So what I imagine now when I, if I do that kind of thing is actually like an unraveling of the rope so that there’s two distinct threads and then their thread goes back to them and my thread goes back to me. Another person once told me about another exercise that you can do similar to cord cutting, but she basically describes standing back to back with the person or situation that you’re trying to release from and actually getting into a Hazmat suit, zipping your energy in. So you are whole and complete with your energy. And then walking away, imagine walking away from the other person and then not turning back and then until you are fully released, separated. So that’s another thing that somebody told me about cord cutting. But, you know, it sounds so simple, but it’s powerful because it’s about the intention. Um, and if everything, if we are 90 percent energy or whatever the percentage was, then that makes sense. Right?

Dani: Absolutely. That’s amazing. I love these guys. I’ve, I’ve done the cord cutting and I, uh, I think just with the intention that it wouldn’t have negative effects on me anymore, but not with the intention of taking back my power first and healing that. So I love both of those kind of examples. So I’m going to use my imagination and play with those later.

Candace: Awesome. So something that we hadn’t really talked about previously, I don’t think, oh, maybe we did in an earlier episode, but with mantras and affirmations, I think maybe, maybe we did talk about that. Um, but just to kind of recap on that, it’s just reciting a positive sentence with intention to yourself. So, um, I love myself. I am whole. I love myself, I am whole and repeating it to yourself and in this particular situation it could be like… I’m taking my power back. I am whole. I’m taking my power back I am whole, or something like that. If you guys have anything that you’d like to save on affirmations,

Dani: I love affirmations. I love affirmations because here’s why. It’s because we’re always, if we’re on this road, this path, this journey to more self understanding and awareness and higher consciousness, then we find ourselves traveling a lot and as we travel and as we move from one way of being to the next step in the road is another way of being. And affirmations are such a great tool to bridge where we are with where we’re going and I just feel like it’s like a paving stone. It’s just like, here, here, brain here, nervous system. Here’s where I’m going and this is what I’m manifesting in my life. And again, it’s like the energy behind it. It’s not just the wrote words. Even if it’s repeated again, again, you repeat them again and again because they have meaning for you, and so there’s an emotional tie into it that will act as a bridge and so even if in the beginning you’re like, well, this is silly. I don’t feel that when I say it, keep saying it and keep saying it. If you need to soften it so that it can be believable each step of the way. But yeah, I love affirmations. I think they can be a very powerful tool.

Candace: In helping you to be the person you want to be before you’ve gotten there.

Dani: Exactly. Yeah.

Candace: Self love, being intentional with self love. Dani, do you want to touch on since self love is your place?

Dani: I love it and I work with self love so much because I need it so much. Right? Like you teach what you need, you teach the things that have affected you and where you’ve been. And so it’s just a, it’s a foundational thing, you know, for anyone who’s on the path or for anyone who just wants to enjoy their life more. Anyone who needs to set boundaries. Anyone who needs to make themselves a priority, anyone who needs to let go of excessive guilt, I mean you name it and you can come back to self love.

Dani: If we just take a few minutes and be intentional. As you said, intention setting is so important, but being intentional about loving yourself. Setting an intention to love yourself a little more and then just noticing when you’re not so you can let yourself off the hook. I think so many times we think in order to transform or to change anything, we need to be critical of ourselves. And I think that that’s completely wrong. I call bullshit right now because what we really need is understanding, compassion and love to understand we’re always doing the best we can in every single moment and that none of us is perfect and that this is all working somehow for our good in the big picture. So being easy and gentle with ourselves, releasing self-judgment, building up some confidence and self esteem. Those kinds of things are just a wonderful foundational thing that you can do.

Natalie: For those of you interested in self love. Dani has an amazing Freebie on her website, which is um, what’s it called? Love. Love Yourself Like You’ve Never Been Loved Before, or is that your course? Anyways, Seven Days To Self Love and you can sign up for it on her website,, and she also has a full course, which is a month of Loving Yourself Like You’ve Never Been Loved Before the full program. Um, but yeah, if you, if you’re interested in self love, she has all of the results that you could need.

Dani: Thanks Natalie.

Candace: Absolutely. Um, so I totally agree with what you were saying about it being a foundational piece because it’s like if you don’t love yourself enough, you won’t care that someone else has your power, you know what I mean? Or you won’t care enough to do what it takes to get it back, to put the effort in. So self love is kind of like, the first step. We’ve talked a lot in the past about like going into the body and stuff like that, but that really is very important for being able to release the emotions as they come. Crying it out, yelling into a pillow, doing whatever you feel like you need to in the moment to let go and not to, not to distract yourself, not to ignore it, not to get away from it, but to really feel it so that it can move on.

Dani: When we’re at the height of that emotion that we’ve gotten ourselves really worked up. And so there’s that thing that happens where momentum gets going, your thoughts, your emotions, your thoughts, your body, and you really get yourself worked up. You get down going down a certain rabbit trail of, oh, he did this to me and he shouldn’t. And Oh yeah. And there was this time he did this and then you didn’t even tell the truth about it and then he lied about it and then you know, your mind just builds and builds and builds and it builds up also in your body, which is exactly what you’re talking about. So this technique is to, in the moment when you find yourself worked up and you have some kind of awareness, okay, well I’m getting really worked up but not, you know, maybe I’ll stop, maybe I won’t.

Dani: So if you’re at a point where you feel like maybe you want to just step up and take a look, then you, there’s this change that happens in your brain and you change your brain from the repetitive thoughts to the sensations within the body. And it’s always there. It’s always somewhere. It’s in the chest, it’s in the throat and the head. It’s in the spine. It can feel many different ways. So you turn the activity of your brain from your thoughts and your mind to your body, and you focus on the physical sensations. And let’s say you have a knot between your shoulder blades. Do you have a heavy thing between there and you have a little thing in your throat, let’s say, because of this anger or this heartbreak, and so you concentrate on the biggest area and you just focus your attention there and you’re aware of your thoughts want to go back to, oh, and then he said this, but what you’re going to do instead is focus on the body, so we go into the body, move our attention there, and it literally only takes 90 seconds, a couple of minutes, and in our brain the dialogue going on is, okay, I feel this. It feels heavy. It’s about this big. Does it have a color? Does it have a name? Does it want to say anything? You can question it, but mostly you’re keeping your mind on the physical sensations of it and as you are focusing on it, it begins to dissipate. It begins to change. Sometimes if it’s a really deep thing, it can go even deeper before it gets better, but you focus your attention there, you feel you… You keep your attention there as it changes and as it moves. Oh, well it’s getting a little lighter now.

Dani: Oh, it’s about half the size it was before. Oh, instead of being black and feeling like tar, it feels like gray and more like a rock now. All those things in your mind, give it whatever descriptions you can, but stay physically focused with it in the body and go through for a couple of minutes and it will either completely dissipate or it will move around and, and will lessen a great deal, like I said, unless it’s something very deep from many lifetimes or grief sometimes happens that way, or trauma, um, and just stay with it physically. And that’s what we call going into the body. And then before you know it your thoughts, your energy, your emotions have been cleared because what we know for sure is those thoughts all come off, that pain comes up, those thoughts come up in the body to be healed. They’re coming up for the opportunity to, for us to move through them, experience them and get to the other side. So they want to come up and be healed.

Candace: Absolutely. And it applies. I mean, not only for past experiences before current ones too,

Dani: But like you said, a lot of times our current ones, what happens is all the ones we’ve put there from the past get triggered by the current experience. And so when we do focus on it, we’re able to see, oh, my reaction is huge and yeah, this was kind of a shitty thing to do, but it might not warrant this huge reaction. That’s how we know we’re being triggered. So we’re actually cleaning out that old pain too, which is really wonderful.

Candace: Right. And I think we have a whole episode on being triggered too, don’t we?

Dani: Come to think of it? Damn, this is a good podcast.

Candace: Yes, yes it is. Um, so another, another piece is like energy healing, Reiki, having a spiritual teacher or mentor having someone, a practitioner do it with you or doing those, those type of exercises on yourself. I personally have found acupuncture. I mean that’s in the same sort of realm from my perspective anyway. Um, acupuncture and Reiki to be the, like the number one, the number one ways to kind of get things moving. Again, and flowing again. So for me, I, I have, um, up until the last year or so suppressed a lot of emotional stuff. It wasn’t until I started working with Dani that I ever realized that you could go into the body and kind of feel it and whether that’s past experiences or in the moment and to feel through, to feel through situations rather than get away from them. So I have 34 years of other stuff that was stuffed down and it’s manifested physically for me. I’ve got what I refer to as a mystery illness, which I believe to be related to the Epstein Barr virus and acupuncture has been the number one thing to help me get through that. And so I recently just saw a Chinese medicine doctor and she was explaining to me, which, I mean, I find that whole modality fascinating and the fact that they’ve been doing it for thousands of years is even more fascinating, but she was explaining to me where my energy is blocked and the types of situations that caused that. And um, the sort of emotions related to that.

Candace: So I’m not going to go into like all of those details, I’ll spare you, but having these acupuncture sessions have not only, I mean I will just, there’s like digestive issues. I have sleep issues, I have back issues, I have knee issues, I have like chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms. I don’t actually have chronic fatigue syndrome, but symptoms like that. All of these things and acupuncture helps to heal all of them, all at once, and it’s kind of um, the physical, the very physical way of moving those blocks, releasing those blocks, letting that energy start to flow again. And then everything else that we’ve just talked about, the self love and all of that is sort of the emotional sort of, um, opposite. Not Opposite, the complimentary, I guess that needs to happen hand in hand. Because if I don’t do all of the emotional stuff and go through and deal with all of this stuff here, then the acupuncture is only going to treat the symptoms for now and it’s going to keep coming back and keep recurring. Do you have anything that you want to say, Natalie, about like Reiki and energy healing and how that…

Natalie: So I mean, I love energy healing. I do a lot of work with energy healing practitioners and obviously do Reiki myself. But the biggest, the biggest introduction for me to energy healing was from the PTSD where I had, you know, tried to get support and help, I had CBT, I had lots of different things to try and get through it and nothing was working. So eventually I just booked a session with someone and I didn’t realize at the time, I think I’ve said this before, I didn’t realize it was an energy healer that I was actually walking with. But she calls herself a birth trauma specialists. And so that was what was suffering from PTSD from was a traumatic birth. And so what happened was it was some of the stuff that you’ve been talking about. So basically the first thing she did, like I just like spilled my guts lay all out, tell her the thing.

Natalie: And she was like, thank you, you know, listened to everything I had to say. But then when it came through, like she didn’t need me to do that, like it was just so futile. But so what she did when she was like, so tell me where is it in your body? And at the time I was like, what is this woman on? Where is it in my body?! Anyway, so I shut my eyes and was like “I’ll humor her” and I felt like in my diaphragm and I have this little document here, which I brought for this, which is like a little thing which says where different things are held in the body and so that I just saw was the fear centre. So it says fears and phobias, loss of control, giving our power away to another person. So that’s where I was holding it. Which fear, which obviously was a loss of control of what happened in the birth.

Natalie: And she said, what color is it? And it was muddy, it was muddy color. So then she’s like, oh, what color do you want it to be? So I chose a color that you use your hypnobirthing and just a color that had come to me before. So I used that as we worked through it, you know, we basically, rewrote my birth, which sounds so stupid, but it’s this, this process called thing. It’s the matrix reimprinting method and basically what happened was at every step, I’ll cry… because it’s quite emotional, but every step of the birth I got given what I would have needed at that time. So there were certain things that we then chose to give us, to give me, like throughout that birth. And so, um, you know, we went through all of that kind of pretended that it was different birth than it was.

Natalie: And when we, when it finished, what happens was like, that the baby was born and I had to sit there and imagine like a picture being taken. So I have this picture in my brain that was like the picture of what it should have been. And then I had to put it in a frame and she was like, what color is the frame? And I was like, it’s actually rainbow, like at this time I’m like totally into it. Which is funny because rainbow’s my thing, and then what I had to do was take that image and take the rainbow color and send out to the universe, what do you like to spread over the whole universe and then pull it back in and then, and that was it. And I kind of finished the session. I was like, okay. So now what? I went to bed and woke up the next morning and it was gone.

Natalie: My PTSD was literally gone from doing this thing, which sounds so airy fairy and ridiculous, but I literally rewrote my birth story and weirdly, even now if I think about my birth, I can still see the picture. It hasn’t taken away what happened. I still have the memories and obviously still some pain too around it, but when I go to it’s not as painful. And also I, I also can see this picture. So this picture is now associated with that birth, so I have this thing which I can hold onto, which then takes away some of the pain of the real situation. So, that then made me go, Holy Shit, this is mental, you know, that is possible that all these doctors can’t help me. And all it took was that, you know, and if I’d have known that’s what she was going to do before I did it, I wouldn’t have booked it because I’d have been like “Fruit Loop”.

Natalie: You did it and showed me, you know, and I, you can’t, you can’t deny it. So then that just changed everything. And so now I do my Reiki and I have people do Reiki on me and have people do Reiki on my kids. If I sometimes feel too attached, sometimes I find it difficult to do it on my own kids if it’s too much, but even Abby practices the Reiki Do some rainbow energy. So I’d do it to her and then she’ll come and she’ll do it to me and she stands there. Like this just goes for a few minutes. It good Mommy?

Natalie: But yeah, she’s hilarious. But yeah. So basically I do all of that and I do Theta Healing regularly with somebody and you know, and I work with medical intuitives who will go in and tune in and they’ve even helped and coached me. So like they made me go into the body if I’m trying to heal something in my kids and I can literally see things and um, you know, I can remember one, I don’t know if I’ve told you the story before, but I remember once just kind of scrolling on facebook aimlessly and I came across this picture of a child and it was like, the mom was like please, send prayers, my child’s really sick. And I didn’t know the child, um, but, you know, I was so called to stop and so I just closed my eyes and I like saw the child and I saw this green goo everywhere and I just went in and scooped all out.

Natalie: And it’s like, well, it sounds so crazy even though when I believe it, but, you know, I just, I was so called to do that. I knew that there was something there to like clear. So I cleared something energetically, whether I helped him, I have no idea. I don’t know why that, but um, you know, there’s just so much in the energy. And so, you know, I fully believe that if I hadn’t been through that healing from the birth, I would be holding stuff in my body, like knowing how much is energetic, like you can’t deny that and whether I’ve even sold it all, you know, I let her know that something might happen later on and I’ll be like, oh, that’s that, and I have thyroid issues and so I fully believe that I can heal that myself. So that’s one of those illnesses that the here, I don’t know why it’s like that, but they’re just like, write your medication for life that’s you done. Um, and I just know that when I have, whenever I find the truth I’m supposed to speak, but it will, it will dissipate. Absolutely.

Candace: Absolutely. Okay. So I’ll put together a bit of a list of resources for what emotions and experiences kind of relate to what areas of the body and coming at it from a few different perspectives because there are a lot of different perspectives about what actually relates to what. And I’m sure that everybody’s right, but we’ll post that on the website. Um, yeah. So thanks ladies.

Dani: Thank you.

Natalie: Thank you.

All 3: Bye

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