In today’s episode we are talking about two tools of divination, the pendulum and Tarot cards, and for our purposes, we also include angel and oracle cards in our discussion. We try to show that these tools can be accessible and useful for anyone who is interested in using them.

Dani: Hi Ladies.

Natalie: Good morning.

Dani: How’s everybody doing?

Natalie: Very good. How are you today?

Dani: Good. Good, good, good. I can’t wait to open up our podcast today. We’re talking about pendulum and Tarot cards. Tarot cards, I use the term broadly for me it’s like the angel cards or oracle cards or things like that. Right? So, we’re just going to dig in. I feel like sometimes, topics we can shy away from topics because we don’t feel like we know enough. I know I do that, as soon as I find something that I want to learn about or I want to do. I buy a book and I feel like I need all this knowledge and everything, but I feel like with pendulum and with Tarot, what we really want to lean on as far as what to do, which deck to buy, all of that stuff is our intuition, because after all, they are tools to enhance our intuition and our guidance right from spirit from source.

Dani: So I feel like using our intuition to be guided is really the best tool and also that we don’t know what we don’t know and that’s fine, you know that situation where you just kind of blindly stumble in and you don’t have all the facts but something magical happens anyway? So anyway, I just wanted to bring this topic down to a very approachable level. I would say maybe even too approachable. I just feel so clueless, but I also feel like it doesn’t matter that I’m clueless because everything I need out of the cards and everything I ever hoped to get out of the cards or pendulum, I get. So even stumbling and with no knowledge. I just want to encourage everybody just to kind of follow their intuition and let it lead the way.

Dani: And I thought we could just begin by sharing a little bit about our own experiences. I thought maybe we would start with pendulum just because that’s where I started. I started with the pendulum before I started with cards… and talk about how we first came to the first one, kind of what was the story leading up and then how we kind of picked the first one and then how we began to use the first one. And let’s just start there with, with your pendulum stories.

Natalie: Ok. So I got a pendulum, I don’t know how long it was ago, maybe six months ago, something like that. And I didn’t want one. I didn’t go kind of searching for one, but I found out that it was like this tiny little really. I live in the middle of nowhere and I found out there was a really cute little crystal store five minutes away from where I live. So I one day when I was childless, which is a rare occurrence for me, went into this shop just to like explore and play. So I looked around the shop, there were some beautiful crystals and I went into this other little bit on the back and there was just these glass stands with things in them and I didn’t really know what it was, but I just saw this thing and I was like, I need that.

Natalie: I wasn’t sure if it was like necklace if… I had no idea. Anyway, so I just kind of said to them, um excuse me, I would like to buy that. So I bought that and I went away and when I got out I was like, oh, it’s a pendulum. So I got it by accident. Really, I’m going to just show you for those that watch the video on our website, you can see my little pendulum. It’s a beautiful little thing which is made of rose quartz and amethyst. Um, so then once I did, I can remember coming back and telling you Dani, and being so excited. Can we just play, ask me a question.

Natalie: I’m like, what do I do? And that’s the thing. I think this is the whole thing with this conversation. You know, Dani, you saying, you know, we’re approaching it from a, like an amateur point of view and you know, professionals may come and roll their eyes, but the whole point of this is these tools that are accessible to anyone, whether you know all the stuff and rules or not, but I remember what do I do? Just ask it. Just ask it a question. So, I couldn’t just do that. So I went googling away and I found that, you know, it’s good to kind of a, what’s the word it said it was like, um, like activate it kind of thing. So when I did, I kind of went and just asked it to show me what a yes was and show me what a no was. I think some people actually tell it what yes and no is so they indicate, right, this is going to be a yesterday and this is for now. But I think the results that I read said, you know, just let it decide. So show you yesterday, you and I. So I did that and then the rest is history, but it’s one of those things I really like if you’re feeling really stuck on something and you’re kind of getting in your head and can’t kind of see through your own kind of codswallop it’s nice to just feel to have something to pull out and go, okay, your highest self… Tell me what the answer is. No, and it’s funny because sometimes it can be infuriating with the pendulum because it just does yes and no. It’s just like, just tell me with the damn answer, but that’s my brief story of my best pendulum interaction.

Dani: Yes. Thank you so much Natalie. I think I can definitely relate to that feeling of just tell me and, and that brings up something we can talk about after, after Candace shares her first pendulum story.

Candace: Okay. So I don’t even remember all the details. I know that this is like 15 years ago and I was working in a little metaphysical shop. They got all of these pendulums in and they had one there that was, I mean it was probably all amethyst, but it was kind of like a gradient, sort of white to purple. It was really pretty and I had it for a really long time, like actually until a couple years ago when my daughter broke the tip off of it. But, um, I mean I don’t remember all the details of, of how, how I picked it or anything like that, but I do know that it was beautiful and I was drawn to it. So that’s probably similar to Natalie’s story. It was a lot less detail just Ooh, that one looks nice.

Candace: And to be honest though, there’s very few times over the years that I really went to it for answers until the three of us started talking on a regular basis. And Dani, you were using yours all the time. I was like, oh, I should be using mine. But I think for me, a lot of the time, like the part that I struggle with, with pendulum, is that I find for myself, if I’m really emotionally invested in the answer that it’s not necessarily accurate, like almost like I can influence it and I don’t, I don’t know what the right way to put that into words, but if I’m really emotionally invested, number one, I don’t trust the answer. And I mean maybe that’s the problem right there. Um, and number two it tends to not be like clear. So…

Dani: yeah, I feel you, I feel exactly the same way. I don’t know, Natalie, if you’ve had that experience too.

Natalie: Yeah, sometimes I felt blocked with that and then I broke it. I think it was on a podcast actually. And since then I’ve felt less attached to it. I, I, I think I’ve just kind of lost the trust a little bit, but I don’t want to say that it can hear me. No, I have, since I’ve used it a couple of times and it’s, it’s just kind of one of the things that has to earn my trust again. Keep delivering and we’ll get there.

Dani: Okay. So for me, I remember really vividly, so I started working with a woman who was actually a medium and spiritual advisor and I thought of her as an energy healer and I was going to her Heather, you guys know, and um, and for anyone who doesn’t, she has a free Facebook group called “Heighten Your Spiritual Awareness” if you’re interested. But anyway, I love Heather and I was working with her one on one and I looked at her as kind of an healer. So the work that we did together was really a lot of clearing out energetic blocks that were in my body and around me from several lifetimes and just from different things. So we spent a few sessions like that and I was like, I don’t know why she calls herself a spiritual guide, you know, she’s like the best energy healer around, you know, it just really felt like this.

Dani: And she started giving me a little homework to enhance my intuition. And one of the homework assignments, (I won’t bore you with all the details and go down a rabbit trail. Not that I ever do that.) But one of the homework assignments that she gave was just to play with the idea of a pendulum or cards and see what I was attracted to. And so I thought, okay, being a good little student that I am, I’m like, okay. Then the idea got really inspiring and I had to google like where the metaphysical shops in town were because I had no idea, you know, we have about a half a dozen, but I didn’t know where any of them were located. I think Candace is so freaking cool that 15 years ago you’re working in the metaphysical shop. I didn’t even know what the hell they were until a year and a half ago. But that’s the story we’re going to have to hear. I want to hear that story.

Dani: But anyway. Um, so I went into the shop, you guys, and I want to tell you how beautiful it was and how drawn I was to it, but that is not the case. It was a small shop and there was only one. There was only one and it is green and not particularly beautiful and it has a, like a deer or something, you know, on, on image. But um, I knew it was mine and like I love butterflies. I’m a Taurus so I’m sign of the bull, like nothing about this should have resonated with me and yet I just knew it was mine. I knew it was mine. If I had 100, I don’t think I would’ve picked it out. I mean the purple one sounds freaking amazing. Natalie years is gorgeous, but there was something about it and I just knew it was mine.

Dani: I knew it was so it was like, oh, it doesn’t really matter that they only have one because that’s, that’s mine. So I, I took it home and I remember I messaged Heather like, okay, now what I do with it? And she’s like, let your intuition tell you just, you know, you’ll figure it out basically is what she told me. I’m like, well you’re a lot of help. So of course I went to Google, like you can get everything on Google, right? So I went to Google and I did, but anyway, so when I first got mine I actually had watched a different youtube video and it said to hold it in a certain way and it’ll show you yes and no. Anyway, I did it a different way but got the same result and it worked. I asked it what it wanted as far as like cleansing or cleaning or anything and it just wanted to be in the window sill.

Dani: So I left at like 24 hours a day. I don’t know if it was power of the or the sun, the power of the moon, whatever. I don’t get caught up on those details. I really just got to ask it what it was. I’m slowly but surely I started to ask it what it wanted and then I went through that phase like you’re talking about Candace, where I’m like, um, you know, coffee or tea, let’s ask pendulum, I was so enamored with it. You’re just playing with it and you just ask it like every little question in the world. It is fun to play with. And I have found that when I’m really emotionally attached to something that I get unreliable answers but unreliable, or what it’ll do for me is it’ll give me a wobble. Wobble is like, it’s not the right time, or it’s not the right question.

Dani: You’re not quite right now. And the first I know with using it regularly, one of the first things I do, and I know you do this to Natalie in some form, is you as the first question is, is it a good time to ask a question and get a yes or no response? I also want to say for people that, my pendulum actually changed the yes and the no response after about three or four months of using it, I noticed it was a little less reliable. And so I thought, well, I’m just gonna double check. So I said, show me the yes and show me a no. And the yes had changed.

Natalie: And that happened to me too. Yeah. I actually ask every time before I ask is now the right time? I ask show me a yes show me no so that I know when I asked that question, is now a right time that I’m reading it correctly?

Dani: Oh, that’s brilliant.

Natalie: Yeah. Because otherwise if it shifted so before I could ask show me a yes, show me a no, is now a good time. I set the intention to receive guidance for the highest good. And then I’ll ask the question so it takes me like 20 minutes.

Dani: No wonder you don’t use yours. You’ve got to go through all this. That’s brilliant.

Dani: I love that so much and I also love playing with pendulum with other people. So like being in a session together with a, with a client or anything. And so we’re just supposed to take our pendulums and ask questions and see if there’s a consensus, see what everybody’s getting. Well I’m getting a wobbly. Yes. So I’m getting a strong no I’m getting a maybe or I’m so. It’s so nice and it’s such great confirmation. Um, another favorite thing for me to do with pendulum and I didn’t make one in advance, but I’ll just show you guys is just a simple little chart and I know you guys have seen me use this but I’ll just literally take a piece of paper and it’ll be like option one, two, three and four. I just wrote one, two, three and three.

Dani: Um, I just, you know, will write. There we go. It’s very scientific and beautiful my chart here. But then you just hold the pendulum. You put this on your page and you hold the pendulum down here and you just let ask pendulum with the question and let it rock when you don’t want to do a yes / no, you can get at least a variety of answers here.

Natalie: So the number, so like a spectrum. So you can hold the whole depends on the sensor and it will go towards the number on your spectrum, like a rainbow.

Dani: So it’s like what should my new rate be for business or whatever. And for the fourth option I always put other. I never leave it. Like I definitely know the answer is one of these four, I leave the fourth one open for others so that pendulum has a chance like, okay, you’re not charging near enough or the prices that you want isn’t on here anywhere or whatever and leave that for an option. But that’s, I really have a lot of success with that and I really enjoy that. So you guys have more thoughts on how you like to use it or any fun stories with how you’ve used it or any of that that you want to share?

Candace: I liked doing the chart with the dates on it, so having each month on there and so then it’s, you know, should I go back to school and you get a yes. Well should I go in 2017, 2017, 2018, 2019 and you know, pendulum can swing in that direction. Will I be moving in January or July and pendulum swings, you know. So I liked that. I like the specifics that you can get from that.

Dani: How about you Natalie?

Natalie: I really love doing it together with people because it’s just crazy. The amount of time that you all do get the same amount, like it’s, it’s like, you know, high, high, 90 something, percent of the times when you ask something together that you get the same answer, which shows me, which just gives you that confirmation that I feel like you can trust that guidance because the chance of it, of that being the case shouldn’t, shouldn’t be as accurate as it is. So, um, so I really like doing that. That kind of really helped install some trust and faith in my pendulum. So that’s maybe what I should do now. Maybe we need to have a pendulum sesh and then I can fall back in love with it. But um, yeah, I love that. And I do love the chart thing because it just takes it, it takes it from just being the yes or no to like unlimited potential, you know, we’ve done it to figure out dates.

Natalie: We’ve done it to work out, rates, right? So you don’t need to work out when we should all get together, you know, it’s like fun. This fun things you can use it for and it gives you like goals and don’t know. It just feels like, okay, that feels aligned and that feels right for me, so okay. And then you can kind of go with that rather than again, getting in your head. It just gives you a tool that doesn’t allow your head to get in the way and give you all the “ya but”. But no pendulum says yes then I guess it’s happening.

Dani: Love that. Love the pendulum. And now I’m inspired to use it again. But I do pull it out. Like intuition will just prompt me like, oh, I could ask pendulum like, and I’ll usually use it for. I’m figuring out maybe what’s going on with someone else. Like I was worried about a loved one recently. And so it’s asking pendulum, are they physically healthy? Is there a health issue I don’t know about? Is there because they were out of communication, you know, is it just a phone issue? Are they not well, what’s going on? And um, and got some answers that way and I just felt so much better so it helps me, but, but also I think one of the reasons why it might be wobbly when we’re so emotionally engaged with the topic is because I do believe that when the guidance comes through, wherever we believe it’s coming through from the universe, from the spiritual part of life, from the infinite field of possibility, wherever that comes from, from the wisdom of God, however you want to say it, it comes through us.

Dani: Nobody’s like a completely 100 percent clear channel with nothing of their own. It all comes through us. So it’s always filtered through us. So if we have any kind of predetermined ideas about something or really stuck in our own thinking or the excessive worry or anything like that, it’s all gonna kind of show up in that. And that’s another reason I just love doing it with other people or having different ways to kind of go about it.

Candace: Yeah, absolutely. And I mean, I know for us specifically in times where it has been like an emotionally charged thing that we’re looking for an answer for, you know, we go to each other, what are you getting for this? Knowing that you’re not emotionally invested in the same way.

Dani: Yes. Yes, exactly. So let’s talk about our cards and I would love kind of the same story as far as what brought you in. If you remember Candace probably when you were still in diapers or whatever, pulling cards, talking to dead people and shit. So if you can remember anything. Then I would love to hear your stories about cards.

Natalie: Okay. So I got my first set of cards from Dani because I was part of her membership group. And in that group she was talking about, um, you know, what the specific topic was, but you’re talking about pulling cars and doing that for no reason. And was like, I don’t have a deck and looking almost everyone else did. And so she very kindly sent me a deck all the way from America all the way to Scotland and I remember I sent you a picture of me and my deck. With the cheesiest, craziest grin on my face because I was so excited. This was my first ever deck, which is the Doreen Virtue, Guidance From Your Angel Oracle Deck. And I got this. I did the same thing. I was like, Dani, what do I do? And so, um, you know, I got it out and I pulled a card for something and it was amazing and it like, it was totally in tune, the first time I did. And then after that I fell in love with pulling cards. And again, just wanting to anyone to ask me any question anytime you’ve got anything you want to know today? Please. I’m just trying to think of a question I had for myself.

Dani: I’m all out of questions. Got all my shit together, how about you?

Natalie: Yeah. So I absolutely love this deck. This deck will be my favorite thing, you know, there’ll be my favorite of all of them, you know, as long as I have decks because yeah, I just love it to pieces. But um, but yeah, so I just wanted it to not feel left out really. And uh, it’s always intrigued me, but it’s one of the things I never would have invested in myself, but now that I have this, I now went and bought loads of others. So the next deck I got was my Fountain Tarot because I wanted tarot, rather than oracle cards. So Tarot follow the same kind of, all Tarot decks, have the same cards in them, but just slight variations in terms of the name, but they all have the same kind of significance in meanings generally as themes across them.

Natalie: But oracle can be anything. So that’s why, that’s the difference between Tarot, Tarot and oracle. They might be something deeper that I don’t know about, but as far as I know that’s the difference. Um, and so when I got this one, I didn’t love it and it was because, um, I think I loved my first one so much and I felt loyal and then I felt disloyal going to something else, but I just felt like oracle cards are a little bit lit, like just this (oracle) one deck felt a little bit limited because it was like once I had pulled a lot of them. It’s like, well this is more, surely there’s more answers in cards, surely. So I got this one and I just felt really disconnected until someone, a very good friend of mine told me a trick which is to interview your deck. So I got this and I asked a bunch of questions and you ask it kind of what there to do and how, you know, there’s like, if you google it, there’s like a Tarot interview online. Um, and having asked to all the questions, all of a sudden I like, I got it, I understood it because I found it first really brutal. I was like, I don’t like this and I don’t want to knows me knows that I’m all about like love and glitter and then, and I was like, oh this is a bit mean.

Candace: I was like, Natalie, can you pull a card for me? And she’s like, yes, of course. And then silence… I don’t really want to tell you what this says.

Natalie: What it told me in the interview is basically that it’s gonna be great for kind of guidance for future telling but what its weakness is compassion. And it was like, okay, okay, I get it. So it’s just you. And if I know that. So if I come and ask you a question, I know that you’re not going to tell it with compassion and I can’t take offense, you know, it’s just you trying to show me what you need to show me. So yeah. So I started that. Then the next deck I have is Rebecca Campbell’s Work Your Light, which is just the most stunning deck ever seen. And this, which is my, well not my favorite day because angels is my favorite deck, but this is kind of my second favorite deck, which is The Soulful Woman because the cards, the images on these and the messages are just so beautiful.

Natalie: So I really liked that one. So yeah. So it’s like one of those things where once I started I, you know well I have stopped because I could, I could own a lot more, but I feel like I am relatively complete. There’s two more I want. One is there’s this amazing Unicorn deck on all of this Tarot and then all of the cards, it’s all Unicorns, but it’s like it’s only in Canada and I have to kind of work. I’m sure they ship, but I just have to find the place where I can order it.

Candace: Or you could have a friend in Canada.

Natalie: Oh I do… hahaha! I do have a friend in Canada

Dani: Oh, I do wish we knew someone in Canada.

Natalie: Oh my gosh. You’re going to get a delivery. Okay. Well that’s cool. Thank you. Oh my God, I’m so glad we had this conversation today. And the other one is by the, it’s by Rebecca Campbell or it’s the person who designed the design, the actual graphics on this deck and it’s, it’s another Tarot deck which is …. It’s called him and called the Moon Child. It either is the Moon Child or by the makers of the Moon Child deck. So yeah, so that’s my thing. So I love, I love cards.

Dani: So awesome. I just remembered we didn’t do a card pull or you probably did it and I didn’t make space at the beginning for the card for this episode.

Natalie: I did pull one, but it’s fine. I didn’t mind.

Dani: How Ironic. Well then it must be perfect that we do it now.

Natalie: Okay. I pulled it up, hold it from the soulful woman deck and uh, it’s a good card. It is “asking opens a pathway” and it says, whenever I don’t know what to do, I turned and ask for guidance and answers. Then they come sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, unknowing, a sense, an image, a name, a next step, a possible pathway. I’m discovering the answers come to me when I asked for them and when I gave myself enough time and space to listen for them and receive them. I know that it is essential to ask for guidance with the expectation that I will receive it. I wait calmly and quietly for fresh insights and ideas to flow towards me. Asking gives me a sense of positive expectation and opens me to a world of possibility. I’m learning to ask wiser questions all the time. Asking opens the door to new information and fresh energy into the unexpected.

Candace: So basically your card just explained how to use pendulum and Tarot cards. All right. Episode over.

Dani: Mic drop for Natalie. What more could we possibly say?

Natalie: I was speaking to my friend on Saturday because she listens to the podcast and she was asking about cards. And she was like, so, so was like what you’re saying because it’s funny that every, every card that you pull in the episode. So I think she’s thinking I’m going through and looking at every one and looking at the meanings. Do you know how many cards I have!

Candace: And little do they know how little time you actually have.

Natalie: Ya, it’s not one of those… “Oh, I’m so busy”. Haha. I actually have NO time. But yeah, so it’s, so it’s funny that that one came out, I started like, oh, of course.

Dani: How about you, Candace?

Candace: So my very first deck was also a Doreen Virtue deck. It was Healing With The Angels, um, and it was also from when I was working at the metaphysical store. So I would say honestly that I got more merchandise than I earned wages when I worked there. And that’s not even an exaggeration, like new stuff would come in and I’d be like, Oh, I’m putting that on my tab. And then by the time it was time to get paid, I was like….Ohhh…

Natalie: I used to work in a clothes shop and it was the exact same. I did it for a few weeks and every day came back with the same with like, what I would have earned. And then I was like, this isn’t working.

Candace: So I had that deck for many, many years, many years. Um, do I still have that deck? I don’t know, it doesn’t matter anyway, I loved it, but I definitely wanted something just like Natalie was saying, like it’s all loving and encouraging messages, but I wanted something more in depth. So that’s when I went to, um, my full Tarot deck, which I don’t have up here, but it’s called Druid Craft Tarot and it is, um, all of the graphics and like the storyline and the explanations and the book are all related to like Druidry, which I mean, that’s not, you know, my belief system, but everything that they say in there is like very compelling to the point that I was like, oh, I think I need to learn more about Druidry. I think I want to be Celtic… Anyway.

Candace: Um, but I mean I’ve used them frequently over the years, certainly a lot more than I got use of my pendulums. But, um, I really, really love that deck because number one, I feel like connected to it. Like when I asked something I get an accurate answer. Like, Natalie, you pull the cards from any deck and it’s like Bam, Bam, Bam. For me that deck is really accurate and I’m not as accurate with pulling cards from my other decks, so I have like a really, I have a strong bond with and I mean I have two others, three others which are beautiful. Like I have this one, the Quan Yin oracle and a, it’s like really beautiful messages and beautiful cards that again, like I’m saying, like I was saying like I don’t, I don’t always feel like I get good pulls with it.

Dani: Yeah. Again, that thing where I think it comes through us and if we don’t feel that connection or that whatever with it, then it’s not going to be quite the right instrument for us to access that.

Candace: Not only that, but I’ve never interviewed any of my cards.

Natalie: You should now…

Candace: That’ll be on the to do list.

Natalie: Game changer

Dani: Yeah, I remember when you went through that, Natalie. It was fascinating. It was interesting. So not to just be. Oh yeah, me too. But, so my first deck was Doreen Virtue Angel Tarot Cards. Um, I was scared of regular Tarot cards, you know, the traditional, um, I’d had readings before and just seeing, you know, like the swords and the devils and shit, like the stuff of nightmares, you know, and I never wanted those visuals. Um, I just, I was never drawn to regular Tarot deck, but then I started, um, people would start pulling cards for me and I got really fascinated with it and so, I bought my first deck and I just have loved it ever since.

Dani: I love the idea of, of interviewing it. Um, I think I did a little bit of that, Natalie, when, uh, when you did. And then very quickly though, I just developed this intuition like I know what my deck likes. I know my deck doesn’t like to be in the box. Uh, I keep it out of the box on my desk. I keep my rose quartz on top of the sitting on top of the deck and I keep it out and open. My deck doesn’t like to be near my computer or my phone. Same with my pendulum. So I just got to feel very quickly for what my deck wants and what it doesn’t want, which sounds so silly, but it’s true. I just know what it wants and um, and after I, like sometimes I’ll carry it with me if I travel every once in a while.

Dani: Not always, but like, especially if I go back home. Ram Dass, says you think you’re evolved, go, go spend a week with your family. Right. So then, talk to me about some elevated consciousness, man. Um, so I take my deck with me so I put it in the box and I’m just like putting it in like, you know, this is only for a little while and get you right back out. It sounds really silly, but I’m really connected to mine as well. And you know, I’ve been around a lot of people that pull cards and do that and I have said it with just us, but I have to say, I swear to you, I have never in my life been around anyone who pulls a card like Natalie. I mean, I pull cards myself, and Candace has been doing it for 15 frickin years, but Candace doesn’t always share, so I don’t know, Candace may be the second coming as far as card pullers

Dani: But I’m telling you when Natalie pulls a mother freaking card, you have the card for you. You have the card. Um, I have to say that. So anyways, so I full cards occasionally too and how I use the cards. It’s really um, as kind of a starting point for my intuition to take over and tell me what message is trying to come through. So when I’m pulling a card I will often have to ask sometimes. And, and that’s another thing, like how do you even pull cards and I know Natalie, I think you and I do it the same way. I shuffled mine with the intention that the right card will pop out and it just, it won’t quite go in the deck and it just sticks out or it falls onto the table or it falls onto the floor or whatever.

Dani: I’m like, okay, Spirit, make it easy, make it obvious, whatever. And sometimes I will use cards and pendulum because I might get two cards and so I will say, okay, pendulum is this first card for Candace. And they’ll say yes. And I’ll say, okay pendulum, is there another card for Candace? Yes. Is this the second card for Candace? Yes. Right. So I think another thing, back to pendulum for just a moment is asking those being very specific with your wording and being very intentional about exactly what you’re saying. Because so many times the questions that we ask aren’t very precise and so what I have found is that pendulum will kind of get in the little gray area and you may think you’re asking question that you’re not actually asking. You may be getting an answer that you aren’t really aware that you’re getting. So be very, very precise with your questions.

Dani: I break everything down to really small chunks and be really deliberate and really direct. And so I used pendulum with cards a lot, but for me I find that I’ll start to read the card and certain phrases I’ll know, okay, this phrase, I repeat three times, none of this paragraph applies, uh, go down here and this word jumps out at me or it appears in bold or colors start to go through like the text so that it alerts me and then I get an idea that reminds me of maybe something in my life, maybe something else that I need to talk about so that I can share with this person to do the reading. So I really feel like cards are not an end all be all for me, for anyone really. They’re just that trigger to say what is springing up, what direction is this pointing us in so that we can come fully, not specifically through the card, but then have more of it come through us and be able to elaborate a little bit more specifically for the person. You guys, you guys have any thoughts or.

Natalie: Yeah, I mean another. I’m exactly the same. So if I get a card, you know, I’ll go and look at the meeting and as soon as I do like I know exactly which line or which part of that thing is without really knowing why I know, but I just, I read them, okay, this is, this is the part that is truth, whether you know the person or not. I’ve done it. I do some reading in reading in groups of people. I have no idea what’s going on in their lives and I’ve been able to pull out that bit. But um, what I was going to say was the other thing with pendulum and cards is the answer that you get for those is for that instant is that in that moment is announced for you in that at that time. Um, and sometimes people can, you know, have, have asked a question of pendulum, like, is this the right person for me and my life or whatever.

Natalie: I think cling onto that because the card told them or the pendulum said this was the person for me. This was the job for me or whatever. But that was the answer that you need to receive at that moment and there is, you know, I can remember a specific one for Candace that we pulled and she asked a question that was a very specific answer that came back, which meant that she took action a certain way, but that actually resulted in her not doing the thing that it said to do. Well, she needed to take those steps that she got from the yes in that moment to, to be where she needed to be. So it’s like, it’s kind of just that the awareness that you need to have when you’re using either cards or a pendulum that you take the answers in that moment and then keep checking back. It’s not something that’s necessarily going to give you the answer forever. That’s just answer you need to hear right now.

Dani: Yeah. I’m so glad you brought that up. Thank you. That is such a huge thing. Yes. Because guidance from spirit is always in the now moment, right? That’s the only time that spirit recognize the spirit doesn’t work the clock like we do. There’s no past, present, future bullshit, time limitation, any of that with spirit. It’s only now. Only now is the only time when anything can happen. The only time for guidance is right now. That’s such a good thing to bring up, Natalie, because I know for me, I put on blinders. I’m like, oh, Spirit said that. So I’m just going to stay down this track. No, just ask again and again and again because you’re picking something up that you need for your journey, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s going to be your answer forever, so thank you so much for bringing that up and I really feel good with this whole topic.

Dani: Do you guys have anything else that you want to bring up before we close?

Dani: I just, I think we’ve really done a good job of showing, you know, clueless people can do Tarot and pendulum too. I mean, hey, hey. Total respect for people who study it, who learned it as a craft, who, who know the deep meaning and study their original, the Tarot that, hey God bless you. You do you. That’s awesome. And if that’s important to you, then don’t do a reading with me or somebody who just all does it all by intuition. Great. There’s enough for everybody, but just even for your own life and just for your work and for everything, I think we’ve just kind of taken down and it kind of illusion of a barrier and made this approachable for people. Yeah, and I have found it really has been a nice opening to start to unlock the intuition and the universal intelligence that is available to me that I didn’t know was there and so just tools to help them. It. It can be a lot of fun. It can also be guidance and I’m just really happy to be to be sharing this. You guys have anything else that you want to add?

Natalie: No, just the. I totally agree and I think there’s a time and place for, for getting professional readings and I think the way that we’re talking about this in this instance is just purely from a. If you want to have some tools that you can use at home day to day, like don’t feel intimidated by the professionals who do this because you can still get something out with them just by trusting you and your knowledge and your inner guidance system so that you can actually get that for yourself. But then obviously there are people who can give you much more in depth support and information. If you want to go to a professional that this is just one perspective of, you can do this every day. It’s accessible to you too.

Candace: You can just have fun with it.

Dani: I love that. Have Fun with it. Let your intuition guide you. Okay. Thanks ladies. This is brilliant. Love you.

Natalie: Thank you. Bye.

Candace: Bye, girls.

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