In this episode we talk about, what brought us together and what we want from this process in order to be the most authentic version of ourselves and live in alignment with our soul.

Candace: It is what it is. Whatever happens, happens. And this chaos, five years from now can be like the “behind the scenes of day one!”

Dani: I know right. I think it’s appropriate to just start with us laughing because the whole point, right? Is how much fun… What’s the most fun we can have together? And then let’s try to just capture it, right? As it happens, in the moment, in flow.

Natalie: Shall I start guys because….

Dani: Yes. I would love you to. Thanks Natalie.

Natalie: You’re welcome. So, what I did was before we came on, I pulled us a card for fun to see what… So, I said can we have a card. And, the one that came out instantly was… Family. I know I was like “Of course. Of course it’s family!  And then I read about it and I’ll read you what it says but there’s only one bit that resonated. Your soul desires only to joyfully serve and to swim in a constant stream of bliss.” Hell yeah. “This stream continuously feeds you everything you need. Put your entire focus upon staying in the stream of giving and receiving in every situation and in all …”. These are different cards, sorry. That’s the wrong one. I’m reading the wrong thing.

Candace: That was really beautiful though. I was almost crying.

Dani: Ya exactly! I was writing it down.

Natalie: This was, this was the second card!

Dani: The stream feeds you

Natalie: The second card was focus on service, which was this one. So, it was beautiful. “In all that you do this card comes to you because you’ve been worried about your life’s mission.” I know that we’ve been worried about what this mission is. “Perhaps, you felt insecure about whether you’ll make enough money, be successful or be well received by others. Instead of concerns about what you’ll receive or other people’s reactions, focus solely upon how you can serve. Use your natural talents and passions and interests to help others or some vital cause. Then through law of attraction you’ll receive all of the support you need.”

Candace: Wow.

Natalie: That was the other card. So, yeah the family one was just like basically that you are family and I was like “Yep. Yeah we are.” And then we have focus on service. Yay. How perfect is that one in terms of what we’re trying to get out of this?

Candace: That is. That couldn’t be any more perfect.

Dani: Yes, that is perfect. And, I noticed myself, I’m raising the roof and I can’t say that anymore because my kids say it isn’t cool anymore. It was cool like ten years ago.

Natalie: It’ll come back.

Candace: That’s okay, we’re old.

Dani: For audio, I’m gonna have to actually say “It’s just a different experience.” But yes, yes, yes. And, of course you pulled a card and of course you knew to do that. And, that was perfect and even when you’re reading the wrong freaking card, it’s so right on. “Oh, I’m reading the wrong card and I know I just said the perfect sentence, but I’m reading the wrong card.” There’s no such thing as wrong. It shows you we can’t fuck this up. We can’t fuck it up, even when we try. We just can’t because it’s so perfect.

Natalie: We’ve tried really hard to fuck it up haven’t we, over the past 2 weeks. We are doing a really good job at trying.

Candace: What time is it at again?

Dani: Okay, let’s go through and introduce ourselves and tell a little bit about ourselves. Natalie, do you want to get it start because you got started with the card, or Candace, do you want to start?

Natalie: I’ll go and be done. I’m Natalie,  I started working with Dani, how long ago? Maybe six months ago, and started this quest of self-development and really investing in myself, and my thoughts and my feelings, and just trying to live the most fulfilled or happy life I can. I found in our sessions we came across some really profound learnings that we just felt were supposed to be shared with the world. We started thinking about doing something and we thought a podcast, which is so strange because neither of us had actually listened to podcasts. So our hope is someone might listen to this one.

Candace: And if there’s just one person out there that listens.

Natalie: It will find that person who needs us. So we thought about doing this but it wasn’t happening for whatever reason, and we all know that everything’s working perfectly, which I feel I Dani’s motto. Everything’s working perfectly, and we had this light bulb that Candace was suppose to be part of it and since then we’ve now decided to embark on this quest.

Dani: Okay that’s awesome. Talk a little bit about your intuitive gifts and how you use them. And how you discovered that you had them. Let’s go there and do a little bit of that.

Natalie: Okay. The ladies will laugh because I’m not hugely confident in my intuitive gift. They keep claiming that I have it, and I know I have something but I just haven’t quite understood it yet, so I guess that’s part of this process too. Basically, I’ve always really felt things from when I was a kid and everything. I feel things physically so people’s emotions, or I’ve been able to read people really easily, so I can just get a sense of who someone is very quickly. I’ve never really thought anything about that, and then I thought that’s what everyone can do.

Then recently having started my business a couple of years ago, I found that when I work with people I really can get in tune with who they are, what they’re wanting to get out of their business, where their business is, and what’s kind of off, and help people connect with what is it they actually want to do. Help people find a way of doing it that feels aligned with them and what they want to get out of it. I use my intuitive side in business, but I don’t really market it. I think this is one of the things that this process is as well is kind of stepping into who we really are, because to say, “I can read your business,” sounds completely ridiculous but I sort of can.

Candace: Only to some people.

Natalie: Only to some people, exactly. I think I came from corporate, and I came from this world where that stuff doesn’t really get involved. I kind of started my business very corporate, and now I’m trying … Starting to realize I don’t have to be that person. I can actually 100% be me, and I know that my client … That I’ll attract the right people, and that’s how I found it is through business, I haven’t needed to { touch wood } market anything, because the people who need my stuff just find me. I think you can market in a way that you don’t have to be the person who’s doing the Facebook ads, or doing a podcast, or doing all this stuff out there to get the right people you can actually do the stuff that feels good. Facebook live’s don’t feel good to me. I don’t want to do it. I haven’t posted on my business page for months. I don’t do everything I tell everyone else to do, but I do business my way and I help people find their way, basically.

Dani: Love it so much! You’re also playing with the pendulum and you drew the card.

Natalie: Yeah.

Dani: That’s hard to believe you just got your cards and you’re really a master at it, already.

Natalie: Thank you.

Dani: As someone who’s had a lot of different card readings and stuff, your card pulls are amazing, on point all the time.

Natalie: Thank you.

Dani: Hands down.

Candace: For sure.

Natalie: Thank you.

Dani: And there’s more. Okay Candace, how about you?

Candace: Okay. Starting out, I’m Candace. I met these lovely ladies through an entrepreneurial group, and starting working with Dani, I’m not sure how long ago, probably five months ago, or so. We did some coaching together, and I have to say that working with Dani totally changed my life and my perspective, and she reinforced all of the things that I knew, but wasn’t implementing in my life. That’s sort of where this relationship started to blossom. One day I woke up to messages like, “Hey, we’re starting a podcast!” And I said okay.

Natalie: “Catch up quickly, Candace.”

Candace: In terms of my gifts, I’ve been really intuitive and empathic my entire life, but it wasn’t until I was about 19 that I realized that I could tune into people’s energy, and I could tune into their aura a little bit and see color and different things. As I started to explore that some more, I realized I had a gift for healing. I think, really, everybody does, but it was an experience with my grandfather actually, where he essentially couldn’t walk. I mean not on a regular basis, but his back was out and he was unable to really walk, and I did some energy healing on him and he got up and walked straight with no pain. I was like, “Oh wow. Okay. So this is something.”

Dani: Wow.

Candace: Ever since then, I’ve been on this rollercoaster of being tuned into that and then being tuned out, and getting overwhelmed by that and forgetting about it and then coming back into it, and it’s been this constant rollercoaster or cycle of in and out. I think at this point in my life, I’m just ready to be all in. A lot of that roller coaster was my self-doubt, my insecurity, being self-conscious about what other people would think, not knowing if I could really pursue it 100% in my life and have that support my financially. I sought out other ways of making money and I built a business for myself, and now I’m realizing that just isn’t fulfilling enough. So here we are on this journey to, stepping into ourselves.

Dani: I love your story Candace. How old were you when you did the thing with Grandpa?

Candace: I was about 19 or 20.

Dani: Wow. Cool.

Candace: Yeah. A long time ago now.

Dani: That’s awesome. I’m Dani. I met these two as they described, in our little online community, and singled them both out as just being really extraordinary and wanting to be with them more and so we made that happen and got together and did some coaching and things, which is awesome. Through the same time, I didn’t know anything really about any of this, right?

I grew up as a kid who was probably empathic, but decided that in the environment that I grew up in it was too painful to be empathic, so I made a conscious decision to shut it all down. What I became very good at, actually, was like that thing you do in codependent families when there’s a lot of disfunction around, and I became the … Okay, if the boat was all bouncing around I became the boat stabilizer. My job was not to have my own feelings, assert anything of my own, but to sense everything that was going on around me and try to stabilize the energy a little bit. I didn’t even realize that that was my job or that’s what I was doing, until recently when I’ve been asking spirit like, I didn’t know I had any of these gifts and I think this is kind of why. Because I just chose to … It would have been too painful to be an empath as a child. So I shut it all down. I actually … My mom did though, when I was growing up there was a lot of, “Oh, Dani’s off in her own little world.” I did get a lot of that and I did have a lot of daydreaming and a lot of detachment, but there was no connection to anything more.

I worked with an energy healer ten years ago who was a powerful intuitive and energy healer, and I still had no idea. I didn’t feel the energy. I knew I felt better after I went to her than before I went, and I could tell I felt clear and lighter, but had no idea what she was doing. I was still tuned out. In September, I started working with a guide, a mentor who was going to help me develop my spiritual gifts, but I was only going to her for the healing. I was going to her for the energy work and the healing that we were experiencing. Then she started giving homework and I was like, “Whatever.” Kind of half-ass doing it.

Then I started realizing things like the first thing was the automatic writing. I would start writing, I would open myself to spirits, start writing. My handwriting would change. I started with the channeling of my father, who passed about five years ago, and then he opened it up to Grandma to my other spirit team. I was doing free-writing and then I didn’t realize that some of what I was free-writing was poetry. All this shit happens. I’m oblivious to most of it. Most of it is happening with spirit and my conscious mind is oblivious. The best thing that I can do is get out of my own way.

Candace: Just to clarify, this whole process, I mean it’s been a long process of you learning, but realizing that you have these gifts and opening up to these gifts has only been what? The last four or five months?

Dani: Oh, yeah.

Candace: That you started automatic writing.

Dani: September I started … When I started in September I was like, “She’s my healer.” Then it wasn’t until, probably January or so that I started the real free-writing and then channeling that way. Getting in touch with my dad and stuff like that. So since then, I’ve started reaching out to these guys … For loved ones who’ve passed over. I lovingly say, “I’ve started talking to dead people.” I did my first reading for someone I don’t know on Wednesday, which was really amazing. Now I’m just … Just like these two, I’m trying to figure out how this all works, how this changes what is my work here, how am I meant to serve? All of that and kind of figuring it out along the way as it goes and as it changes. You guys know it changes and evolves all the time. I mean Natalie just got her first freaking card deck what, a week or two ago? It’s amazing how fast things change and move. So I’m just trying to keep up just like you guys are.

Candace: Well, I mean it’s a lot for you to process, because you’ve gone from not realizing you had any gifts to three months later you’re talking to dead people and doing readings for people you don’t know. So it’s a bit of a transition.

Dani: Right!? I do want to talk a little bit about … We’re talking about the creation process, and I just want to include this as part of our podcast, or whatever this is going to be, because I think there’s a lot of times … Like you were saying Candace, you’re up and down and up and down and in your way and out of your way. I really want this, and I know we all do, to help people. But the primary reason is how much fun can we possibly have? How much fun … The most fun we could possibly have would be together in person, and we’re on three different sides of the globe. So that’s not going to happen, well, it’ll happen soon, but it can’t happen immediately. So we’re like, “What’s the second most fun we can have possibly together?” Let’s get on Zoom and let’s just start talking because this is freaking magic and we love it, so let’s do that.

A little bit about the creation process in just it’s a different perspective, and it’s a perspective of what can we do to have fun. It’s not about end result, and it’s not about figuring it out, and we don’t get in our heads, we get in our feelings. Let me feel into it, right? We say, “Oh let’s see what feels right. Let’s feel into it and think about this.” Anything you guys want to say just about … I don’t know. This is a different creation process. I know Natalie, it came from corporate. There’s a plan, there’s a business plan, there’s a marketing plan, there’s a plan for sales and all of that. This is none of that. This is Let intuition just show us. Let’s get out of our way and just see what’s here.

Natalie: I think whenever we’ve gotten together before, it’s like I said, one on one coaching with Dani, but we’ve also as part of the entrepreneurial group we were in, and also Dani’s membership group, we get on calls. Whenever we do, something magical comes out. I find that the three of us are all really connected in what we’re dealing with, but just in different ways. I feel like what each of us is working on in our selves, is ultimately kind of a similar thing, but it manifests in a different situation, or a different fear, or a different thing you need to release, or all of those things.

I feel like the idea, for me, behind doing this was hoping that we can also help other people who are perhaps on this kind of journey, or just share the wisdom. But also by coming together, it’s that accountability to help each other actually live, or embody our truth, or who we are, our gifts, and make sure that we’re not … It’s so easy in life to settle and take the easy option because, “I’ve got a really good, like Candace, business that’s bringing in really good income. Do I keep doing that?” But ultimately is it making you happy, and long term what is that going to look like? This is about uncovering all the things that really do make us happy. Calling each other out on this stuff, because we get in our heads. When our head gets in, actually going, “Oh Candace that’s it, or no Dani.” Because we know each other well enough to do that, and it hopefully sheds some light for other people.

So to me it’s about rising together. There is no plan, because we don’t know where the destination is. It’s just the experience of the process, which no one ever looks at. No one ever looks at the experience or the process, which all life. They’re trying to get to the destination. Happiness, rather than … Dani’s doing the hands up.

Dani: Yes, yes. I just want to say, when you … We dropped so much stuff, but when you said that it was like, “Yes, yes. I hope everybody’s getting this. Yes, yes, yes. Yes, thank you.”

Candace: In our conversations outside of here that’s really been the theme through it all. Learning to let go of the plan, the path, the journey. Not the journey. The destination. And just be in the moment, in the journey experiencing it, and being willing to be 100% who you are. True to yourself, and this journey together is a journey that, I think, many people walk. We are taught, typically, that you need to fit in. You need to be a part of the status quo to be okay. For the three of us, that’s not who we are, and I think there’s many people who feel the same way and it’s finding that way through it all and having support system, having friends, having people around you who can help you through it, because that’s hard. It’s fricken hard to go off the beaten path and make your own way, and embrace this whole spiritual side of things, which, it’s becoming more mainstream, but it’s still not mainstream. People still raise their eyebrows and they’re like, “Say what?”

Natalie: Ya, and I don’t know. Is It becoming more mainstream or is it just the more that … I don’t know if it’s becoming more mainstream or is it just the more that I immerse myself in it, I’m surrounded by the kind of people who are that way. Do you know what I mean? I don’t know.

Dani: Yeah, I think both.

Candace: Yeah, I think it’s both.

Dani: It’s both. I think that’s awesome. So we talked a little bit about the creation process. Thank you guys, that’s awesome. To continue that theme, let’s talk a little bit about how another unique perspective of this is … So often in coaching, because I’m a coach, and for you guys too it’s like so often what you have is you have a figurehead and they say, “Look at me. I have your answers. I know the way to go. I’ve been through where you are now, and I know what’s on the other side.” A lot of coaching, a lot of business coaching, a lot of digital marketing, all of it, is so much from that perspective.

Really what we’re coming through here is, this is us as it’s happening. This is not us sitting on some mountain top saying, “Now that we’re enlightened beings, we’re going to share our thing.” You guys were talking about, it’s about the journey. I’ll never forget the day I just decided to fall in love with the process, and this was even before the woo woo. But when I was just working with, even just the life coach transformational stuff. You get a great inspired idea and every obstacle that comes up to meet you on the path. I decided I’m going to fall in love with the process, because if you aren’t enjoying the journey, you aren’t going to like the destination. It’s all frickin journey anyway.

I love what you guys were saying though. Anything about, that you guys want to say about we’re just in it. We’re not sitting up on some pedestal, and I do love that energy too, where it’s just like people are going to relate to us as, “Oh I’m there. Oh that’s just the next step. That’s where I’m going right now.” We’re just all evolving at the same time together. Anybody?

Natalie: I think that’s it, because it’s actually the word evolve just hit me. It’s more like the evolution and I don’t feel like … Yes, there is so much of that, especially online. It’s all the, “Look at me I’ve got everything I want, and I’m successful so follow my prescriptive formula and you can have the same.” That isn’t what this is about. That’s the exact opposite of what this is about. What the process will look like to the three of us, even together, will be different. That’s why this is helpful because we’re seeing three very different journeys. Three very different process. Yet all leading to the same general theme, which is more embodiment of self. If we are …

The thing is, when you reach that supposed destination, so say, for example, Candace, you step in to fully owning your gift and you ditched your very successful business and do what your heart tells you to do. And Dani, say that’s you turning your business into channeling and helping everyone connect with their dead people. When you get to that point and you’ve achieved what you feel that is, you’ve adapted already through the process. So potentially where you think that’s going to go is different. I feel like there’s no end. It isn’t like, “Oh now there’s success. Now there’s happiness.” I think this is just actual life. This is just the steps. This is not … I said the steps. These are just some steps, not the steps, because it’s just some steps that we’re taking and they can feel good and they can not feel good.

I just think people can learn from each of us, and we can learn from each other, just because we see something from another perspective. That’s what I’ve always said, that I feel this is about. It’s about the power of perspective. It’s like the three of us here looking in at something, but all of us see that one thing in the middle very differently.

Dani: Love it so much. Go ahead Candace.

Candace: I was just going to say that’s exactly it. There’s times when I’ll say something and you guys respond in … Well, we talk on this app called Voxer, so we have all of these radio messages going back to each other, which is sometimes very funny, but I’ll say something and I’m seeing it from a very narrow perspective, and then you both chime in with something completely different and I’m mind blown and ready to embrace it in an entirely different way.

Dani: I love it so much. I feel like there’s a poem here about the full embodiment of self. I think I’ve got a few stanzas I’ll have to dig out maybe for next time. But it is just about part of our purpose and the full embodiment of ourselves isn’t something that we have to develop or add to or gather in more because we’re missing something, it’s more a matter of clearing away everything that isn’t the authentic self. Whether that clearing away is just old beliefs that don’t serve us, or energetic ties to different traumas, or different stories that we’ve believed, or agreements that we’ve made. Any of that. Just clearing away all the bullshit, and getting to the realness. The capital T truth of who we are, is how I picture it. Like the capital T. You know how in the bible, and every time it’ll refer to Jesus, it’ll have the capital H. Like He. It’s like the capital T in Truth. It’s like the divine the soul centered, THE Truth of who we are.

Candace: Right.

Dani: Like Candace was saying earlier, I think there are so many of these kind of gifts in so many different people. I don’t know if it’s like the basketball player, if it’s like a certain amount of God-given talent, and then a certain amount of environment and nurturing if you want to develop a gift. If you’re five foot one, well actually there was a five foot seven inch pro player who played in Charlotte for a while. I was going to say if you’re born five foot tall, you’re not necessarily going to be an NBA star. I don’t know if … I know there’s pieces of this in everybody, but I don’t have any guidance from source or anything on, you know. For me, I walked through 48 years of my life without realizing any of it. Without realizing a drop of it. I feel like if it calls to you at all, or if you’re curious at all, or if it speaks to you at all, then that’s what is the best thing to pull you forward.

As we can talk about starting this journey, maybe let’s spend a few minutes talking about resistance, and trying to push things away, versus being pulled towards something, which I feel this endeavor is. I feel like all of life and the things we’re doing, really, that’s kind of the direction that we’re going. So often in life success coaches, even, will talk about push through, make it happen, just do it, hustle, blah blah blah. But we’re coming, again, from a different place. From a place of love. From a place of wanting to be pulled forward, so I don’t know if that sparks anything in you guys, and then talk about that a little bit.

Candace: Well I know that’s the case for me. I spend so much time in my business trying to push forward, and push through, and hustle, and it’s just work. It’s just simply work. Something like this, or even … This morning I woke up, and because for so long, when I’m off, when I’m at the bottom of the hill on the rollercoaster and headed back up, it is such a struggle for me to get into any type of routine with meditation. Or to commit any time to spiritual growth and development. This morning I’ve kind of gotten into the flow, and I’m letting it pull me. This morning I was excited to wake up and meditate. I was like, “I wonder what’s going to happen this morning? I wonder where it’s going to take me this morning?” It’s just so different. The push and the pull. That’s not to say that pushing means that you’re doing the wrong thing, or going down the wrong path. I think it just means that there has to be another way to either do it, or it’s not in alignment with you.

For me with the meditation, pushing and pushing and pushing, was because I was resisting to the spiritual side of me, because I wasn’t ready to embrace it. So I kept pushing it aside, because it was easier to push it aside than it was to embrace it and be it.

Dani: Mm-hmm (affirmative)

Candace: So that’s my take on the push pull.

Dani: At some point did it become harder to push it away? Or easier to … Because it can happen either way. Life will either give you so much resistance to the way that it’s been, or it gives you so much of an inspiration to go with the one. I feel like change happens in one of those two ways primarily, or sometimes both. Does that make sense, Candace?

Candace: Not really. It makes sense what you said, but …

Dani: You were saying that it was easier to push it away then it was to embrace.

Candace: Right.

Dani: Yes. So now you’ve started to embrace them, so my question was just what changed?

Candace: I don’t know. I think that I’m going to need to think about that for a minute and then come back to it, because I think that really goes deeper than a surface answer.

Dani: Yeah. Okay, that’s cool. Alright Natalie, what do you think, girl?

Natalie: So what came up when Candace was talking, particularly was to do with the push pull. I’ve noticed how much better business feels, and also, not just business but anything I do really, but how much better things feel and how much easier things come to me when I’m more in flow, then when I’m trying to push for something. It feels better when I’ve got it. When you push, push, push … It’s like with anything. I’m trying to think of an example. If you’re pushing someone to give you something, when you receive it, it doesn’t feel so good as if a surprise gift in the mail feels so much better.

To me, I always find it really important to try and stay in flow. It’s not ever going to, I don’t believe but maybe I’m wrong, I’ll try again. It’s not ever going to be always flow, because I believe there is a time and place for resistance, and push. Resistance can be exactly like that so I firmly believe there’s a lot of the pushing people do is because it’s not in alignment. But also, I feel like sometimes push exists because of its resistance and it’s there to serve a purpose. So it’s either there to show something that needs to come up for healing, so I have an example of that. Or it’s there to show, to really test your commitment to it. I found sometimes when I’ve wanted to do things, sometimes it’s made difficult and I’m like, “Thank you universe, for testing me to see if I really want to do this.” Because it’s like, are you serious about this? Are you really going to embody this? Do you mean that you want to be this person? It’s just the universe or the  mind trying to keep you safe, as Dani says.

It’s kind of to test your resolve, or to show something that needs to come up for healing and the example that came up to me was when we started talking about doing this and you both are really clever and amazing healers and intuitives. I messaged Dani, Candace you don’t know this, I messaged Dani I was like, “I just don’t feel good enough.” I didn’t feel worthy of being a part of it, because I put what you two do up on a pedestal being, “They’re so amazing. I don’t have anything to share as worthy as they do.” I felt like not enough for it. As soon as I said it, I even said to you Dani, I was like, “I know it’s ego and it’s ridiculousness.” That’s just showing the resistance. That was me, even though this all felt totally right, it was flow it was all coming together perfectly, but there was still that resistance. Something that I needed to deal with myself, which is my sense of self-worth and the sense of people doing it differently. What your gifts look like for you, that doesn’t mean my gift’s any less, because I can’t talk to dead people.

Candace: For sure.

Natalie: That was just something that came up when you were talking.

Dani: Okay, I love it. So …

Candace: Hang on. One thing before you go on.

Dani: Yes.

Candace: I just want to say in response to that, I didn’t say it to either of you, but I had those same feelings. You guys are such great communicators and when you talk it’s just so eloquent and I could listen to you all day. I’m not good enough to be sitting there talking with you. I had those same things going on, just in a different way. So there’s that.

The answer to your previous question about what changed, I think it’s when I let go of my expectations. I had expectations for what it was supposed to look like, how I was supposed to feel, how long I was supposed to meditate. All of these things, and even most recently, a conversation that the three of us had, and Dani got some messages from spirit for me about letting go of the path I think I need to be on. It was a real game changer for me, because I have felt called to be of service and to help people, and I felt so tightly tied to that purpose that I had a desperation about what it needed to look like, and who I needed to be. If I was going to be that person then I needed to be at least one step away from enlightenment and all of these things. When I actually let that go it just got so easy, and it’s been really good. There’s the answer to that.

Dani: I love it so much. Thank you, Candace. I love that, and that’s going to really speak with so many people out there, and really resonate. Letting go of expectations. We could do a whole call on that and that power. If we have … If I do have a mantra, it’s, “Everything’s working perfectly.” As we think about kind of bringing things to conclusions for our first call, and just think about one little topic that I’m really thinking of is, it’s all working perfectly. Sometimes I say that like, “Oh my God, it’s all working perfectly!” Other times I say it like, “Remember, it’s all working perfectly.” Sometimes it’s more sarcastic like, “It’s all working perfectly.” I say it, it’s my mantra anyway. I want us to just … Any thoughts about how it’s all working perfectly? Or how we can ask ourselves, “If this is working perfectly, if this is for me, if this is happening for me, then what’s the silver lining here? What’s the learning here? What’s the benefit here?” That kind of stuff. With this call, with all of it is all working perfectly … I don’t know, Candace? Did that spur anything in you? Do you have any other thoughts that you want to share before we close up?

Candace: No, I can totally … Most of the time, I can totally relate to the sarcastic, “It’s all working perfectly.” It’s difficult to get your head into the frame of mind that things are working perfectly, or that the universe is just testing you when these things pop up. After having worked with you, I tried to make that my mantra, also. More often than not, it’s sarcastic. I’ll admit it. It really changes the way that you look at things, and it really allows you to grow in the moment. When things come up you’re not immediately going to a place of reaction and anger and bitterness and resentment. It’s like, “Okay, so here it is. What do I need to learn from this?” I think that that’s a huge part of this journey.

Dani: I think so too. And thank you for bringing up that perspective of most of the time it’s sarcastic. There’s going to be a lot of people who relate, and I think Natalie and I are so used to that perspective that it is happening for a reason and everything. So please … So thank you so much for bringing in just a little bit of that other perspective that other people are going to be able to relate to so much, that of course, they’re not at all convinced that shit is happening for them. It’s going to take some time. It’s going to take some work. So Natalie, we’re just kind of wrapping things up a little bit and we’re talking about the theme of it’s all working perfectly. Any thoughts that you have on that?

Natalie: Well, I mean getting chucked off Zoom by Candace’s grandma again. I was like “We’re they just going to bring up some channeling?” It chucked me off for no reason. But yes, so all working out perfectly. I totally agree with Candace, and I do do it a lot. I’m always like, “Thank you, universe.” And I don’t really mean it. I do it in a sense that I know, but at the time I’m not totally that grateful. The gratitude isn’t really genuine. It does help though. I do think that perspective of just trying to take time and think, “What is the lesson? What amazing thing could end up being resulting from this situation? This negative situation.” It’s too easy to catastrophize, like I have been with Mercury retrograde. “Everything’s going wrong. I spilled my drink. Oh my gosh.” If we do that it’s not particularly helpful. Sometimes you go with it. Even people that “know” and live that, you have the days where, you know … Eff you!

Candace: You don’t feel it.  Yeah. You know it logically, but you have no desire to embody that.

Natalie: I have those days. It’s fine.

Dani: Nailed it. Yes.

Natalie: Exactly.

Dani: And I want to say, we have to let that be okay too and embrace that part of ourselves that is cynical, or that is pissed, or that is whatever, and embracing all of our emotions and all of them have very valid reasons for coming up. Okay awesome. Do you guys want to say anything in closing? I have a feeling this is going to be part of the edited part is all I’m thinking. It’s the first time we’re kind of officially together doing this, and we’re having so much fun and not really sure how to close, but maybe over time we’ll kind of develop a different way …

Natalie: Should we have a song? I feel like that would be fun. A closing song. We’ll close with a song.

Candace: I think I’m going to opt out. I think we might lose people there if I start singing.

Dani: I don’t even sing in the shower. We’re definitely losing people if I sing.

Natalie: I close every message with song, so it makes sense now I’ve said that.

Dani: Well it makes sense it’s coming from you then.

Natalie: No, no.

Dani: Okay. I don’t know what better than our laughter just there to close things up and we’re just learning and developing it as we go. And letting it show us what wants to come out, and being open. What we were just talking about, letting go of any ideas of what we think it needs to be. Just be authentic, see what wants to come out, see how much fun, if we’re not belly laughing every time, we’re not doing something right.

Natalie: Exactly.

Dani: So far we’re right on it. So far we’re good! Okay, I love you guys.

Candace: Okay, love you.

Dani: Awesome. Can we call it officially over, you think?

Candace: I think so.

Natalie: Yeah.

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