Deep Down Calm

Keep yourself in the deep down calm.

All the stuff, the challenges of your life, are like raindrops
Hitting the top of the pond.

More like the waves
In the ocean
During the storm

But you are safe
In the deep down calm
Where nothing is disturbed
Life around here doesn’t even notice the storm
Except for the benefit that it provides
Stirring up food and new life

Clearing away the old
Revealing what’s underneath
Depositing what’s new
This is the work of the storm
So let the storm wash overhead

Let it strike and rumble
Now you can appreciate its power
And its beauty
And appreciate what it means

It means that blue skies
Like you’ve never experienced before
Are all coming
Your new horizon is upon you now
Clear skies
All you have ever craved
Is here for you, dear one
It’s all here for you

You never needed any of them to make you feel secure
Deep down calm is always near

It is always here
It is within
You are a child of God

Magnificent and self sufficient

You do not want only calm seas
The sails would not move
You would be stuck
In the middle of the ocean
Or even worse
On shore forever

You do not want only calm seas
That is not who you are
You are conqueror
You are commander
You are master

The storms above
Reveal the calm
That remains below

– Dani Winders

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