It is all temporary dear one, fear not the lifetime of pain, it is only to make you stronger.

Use it to propel you forward, use it to help you grow, for that is the purpose of it all.

Without the pain there would be no appreciation for the ease.

Without the hardship there would be no appreciation for the love.

Every moment has brought you to this place. Every moment has made you stronger.

It is all an illusion, to be handled as such.

You need not know what comes next, for it is all working perfectly.

It is all beautiful if you choose to see the beauty in it.

See the beauty in the pain and you will have mastered the task.

See the pain in the beauty and there is more to learn.

A process unfolds and waits for you, a process to be used for many.

The world has yet to see the beauty in the pain and so you all learn together.

The time will come for you to show the world, and you must be ready, you must have done the work.

Only by doing the work can you help others through it. Only by showing yourself love can you learn.

Let go of the pain, let go of the weight, let go of the things they don’t serve you, and so it is.

Release your fears, and see the beauty in the pain, there is nothing more than that!

Be the leader of great strength, be the light for others to follow, and your work is done.

There’s a great shift happening, a shift of love. A shift of the ages never seen before and never to be seen again.

This is the ascension dear one, live your life as if it is your last.

It may well be.

Be fearless, be humble, be kind. BE. Live with no regrets. The time has come to BE. Lead the way and see the beauty.

– Candace Cruz

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